As T.Leger is someone who makes hip-hop independently and unassisted, this song is well produced. I will talk about this track from a fellow musician's perspective with a view to explain the elements as much as possible. 'Bit by Bit' is a track with a peculiar and abstract touch on vocals and music. It feels like it is exclusively based on the personal passions of an independent electronic rap artist. The music expresses calm and lo-fi vibes at a relaxed pace with a relaxed tone. One can sense the experimental elements through descent electronic sounds and the way the track is mixed. Samples are melodic and have a dreamy effect.

The heavy grinding bass synth may be better situated in the background, but can also be viewed as the artist's own preferred style. The vocals are intelligible and follow the sequence alongside the music. They also have a good flow but could be driven to have a greater focus on weighting the critical or more influential words in the lyrics to create more impact. Overall 'Bit by Bit' is interesting and raw to listen to and is a great starting point for T. Ledger & Top Bizzy's talent of expression. Looking forward to hearing more!

Definitely listen to 'Bit by Bit' on Spotify.

A word from T. Ledger & Top Bizzy:

"T. Ledger is going to be releasing music under Trevellyn Arthur Head (his own name) in the foreseeable future but has multiple albums in the works. Top Bizzy also goes by the name Outlaw Charlie and is an awesome bloke. Trevellyn Arthur Head is T. Ledger’s real name and is alright I guess, a good bloke."

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