Third Development - 'Echoes'
'Echoes' is a beautiful mix of so many different elements from various genres that every moment in this song is a surprise to the ears. Beyond expectations, this song is like a rainbow with variable instruments being creating a spectrum of colours that can be broken up and identified individually but still blend with each other perfectly. We are introduced to the track by warm synth pads holding multiple octaves, with sax and flute nourishing the jazz accent. Further building the atmosphere with short electronic plucks merging with rhythmic patterns alongside the acoustic drums. In addition, the melody gets a boost with jazz instruments layered softly in the composition.

The transformation of the beat is brilliantly done while retaining the mood and the depth. The kick drum becomes heavy and the bass becomes thick guiding the pulse of this song. Also, a well-thought-through touch of percussion appears in the pattern for a while. Moving towards the soul of this song - the vocals. With stunning and enchanting qualities of the vocals tied to supporting lyrics, we get to hear all the microscopic details of the voice. A stylized, calm, melodic rap with harmonies is performed without disturbing the emotional state of the song and separates Third Development from the genre-based limitations to become an example of artistic freedom in the musical world.

About Third Development:

"Third Development was born out of a burning desire to create art at a time where there was (is) nowhere to go but ‘within’. Lead band member Geoffrey James sat down to compose and perform what became Third Development’s debut album, The Thought of Tomorrow, a blend of 80s infused synth and 90s inspired electronica to create a soundtrack for a life of optimism and hope. It may be a dreamer’s goal but at the very least, the songs set out to provide a few moments of reprieve from the stress and chaos of the outside world, an idyllic state for both the mind, body and soul. Third Development is not restricted by borders or boundaries—the band’s roster of guest artists is fluid and global to celebrate the connectivity of today’s world.

Third Development’s music is meant to be shared, to travel far and be heard by many."