You'll See One Day - 'Sober'

'Sober' is a song that has a strong hold on its meaning through its beautiful music and poignant lyrics. A mixture of transitions and variations keeps this song engaging. A combination that includes a perfect balance between hardcore metal and soft mellow instrumental representing high energies as well as a soothing ambience. The powerful sections of this song uplift emotions with wild punchy drums and massively distorted guitars paced fantastically. On the flip side, the calm and highly melodic section of the track is layered with electronic synth pads/strings, strumming acoustic guitars and piano. The song switches back and forth between these two sections creating a unique flow that is engaging and captivating.

What ties these sections together are the vocals. With incredible range and style, the voice holds a variable tone switching between soft and harsh, fitting perfectly with this song. 'Sober' builds a remarkable atmosphere leaving a mark through its flawless execution of performance.

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About You'll See One Day:

"Born on the streets of Melbourne Australia, three blokes created a blood pact to become the biggest, most discussed, covered and listened to band of the 21st Century. A drummer born and raised on city streets, toughened by the harshness of life itself who lets it all out on the kit, Lee Elliott. A guitarist who crawled out of the whiskey bottle of the US to travel across the ocean on a cloud of Cuban cigar smoke to write fat & filthy riffs, Travis Presley. A vocalist from the untamed bogan bushland of the north who flew to the big smoke to write the catchiest of bangers, Nathan Peachey."