Chaplin's Dream - 'Salt of the Earth'
A gush of intense power flows through this song right from the beginning. Its consistency in being virtuosic is not just in its toughness but even its melodic aspect. The strong impact of music stays faithful to the lyrics performed by impeccable vocals. We can experience both, the punchy and aggressive characteristics as well as the tunefulness which makes this composition unique. Constantly evolving through its patterns and variations, we can feel the energy of all instruments and the vocals combining to become a singularity. The drums have tight and slam the soul out of the rhythm. The kick, snare, cymbals and especially the toms unite to build a force that drives the song.

With it, comes the fine-tuned guitars and bass that covers all ranges and dynamics of this song. Numerous impressive riffs and a sick guitar solo with a creative mix of tones especially that tremolo effect makes the song stands out immediately. With such depth in music, we are also introduced to the emphatic vocals that are intriguing, vigorous and extremely passionate. The range of vocals and their harmonies are performed with accuracy. 'Salt of the Earth' is truly an all in one sound packed with a broad fusion representing art in its free form.

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About Chaplin's Dream

"Hailing from Shumen, Bulgaria, Chaplin’s Dream is an up and coming independent metal band with a penchant for infectious dynamics and hard-hitting narratives. Made up of four distinct individuals – Ivaylo Todorov (vocals/guitar), Daniel Petkov (guitar), Venelin Antonov (bass) as well as Svetoslav Dimitrov (drums) – the quartet was founded in 2015. Being avid storytellers, Chaplin’s Dream is influenced by real life, drawing inspiration from personal experience, spirituality, history, and current events that allows them to evoke a strong emotional response in the audience. Offering a distinct mixture of heavy grooves seasoned with progressive, stoner, and thrash elements and hummable melodies, Chaplin’s Dream have managed to create a consistent brand which is one of the reasons to keep an eye on this band. Their debut EP titled Chapter I came out in 2016. In 2017, the band released their first full length and performed at various venues throughout Bulgaria. They took part in several festivals in Bulgaria and Romania such as Mindya Rock Fest (2016), We Are Going to Maglizh (2016), Soundart Festival (2017), Shumen Rocks (2017), Sofia Metal Ring Fest (2017), and Rock’N’Iasi Indoor (2018) to name a few that allowed them to amass a loyal following over the years.

In February 2022 Chaplin’s Dream released Salt of the Earth – the debut single from their upcoming second album recorded in The Rounders recording studio.

Armed with big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Chaplin’s Dream seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals through the universal language of music."