Dick Aven - 'Fly Into the Fire'
'Fly Into the Fire' is a song that expresses emotion through intricate music and soothing vocals. Every instrument impressively performs its element with detail and articulation, which fosters the essence of this song. The unique and notable transition between chord progressions is ingenious and beautifully crafted. Melodies are sustained with the help of guitars and the piano that are wide and have a dynamic sound that favours the feelings in this song. The bass has its own unique flow alongside minimal, tight beats leading the rhythm. With numerous variations played throughout the song, it almost feels improvised while sounding natural and vibrant.

The saxophone has a special place in this song besides vocals with its prominent solo performance that adds more colour to the theme. Dick Aven's voice is unrestrained and enchanting. It empowers the words and the tune by simply being exquisite. Vocals are backed by harmonies that are beyond delightful, blending with all the different remarkable musical elements of this song.

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About Dick Aven:

"Dick Aven is a saxophonist, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist originally from Birmingham, Alabama. He attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa from 1983 through 1987 on full scholarship. There he played saxophone in the jazz band under legendary director Steve Sample. He has been part of The Tuscaloosa Horns since 1984. He toured with Peabo Bryson as a featured saxophone soloist while living in Atlanta after college. In the 90s he moved to California and was signed to Capitol Records as a singer-songwriter performing in a duo known as The Cages. They played on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno twice in 1992, and also toured the United States. Dick has recorded numerous albums as a solo artist and continues to play the saxophone with a variety of other acts. He currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee, and tours with outlaw country artist Jamey Johnson. Dick’s latest solo album (2015) is called “The Fool I Am”. Dick Aven is a musician with a passion for innovative music falling somewhere in between the intimacy of folk and the experimental nature of progressive."