Hex Amore - 'Slide'

'Slide' brings the force and the flow of the darkwave genre. Smashing snares and boomy kicks chased by massive rhythmic synth brings life into the mix. The punchy dynamics of the traditional rhythmic pattern surely is hypnotic and is an explosion of energy. There is a layer of effects underneath the beats stylizing the kick and snare merged by sharp hi-hats. The intensity of the music is at its peak and the width of every element is expansive. Variations are placed flawlessly keeping the music highly engaging while boosting the mood. On the other hand, this song is characterized by a sense of tranquillity. In contrast to the music, the vocals are calm and mystic.

It is amazing how the combination works throughout the song. The vocal performance is submerged in passion and emphasises the feelings that add more meaning and life to this song.

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About Hex Amore:

"Hex Amore is a dark wave electronic duo, Louis Wylie is the lead vocalist and co-songwriter and Reno Powers is the Multi-instrumentalist co songwriter-producer. Their music can be compared to Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, and sisters of mercy. They have two releases on all digital outlets and are working on new material."