PostmodernGypsies - 'Ages'
'Ages' is a lovely jazz instrumental that gives an immersive experience. At its lead, we have a melodious saxophone which is characterized by improvisation that builds a great ambience. It has a sophisticated flow that sounds cosy and sensuous. Its playing style and heart-touching composition highly involves the profoundness that drives the feelings of this song. A smooth and passionate piano adds playful and rhythmic support through its chord progressions. Its tone and fluency balance the mood and stay consistent throughout the song. Bass has heaviness in its tone. The bassline follows the theme with its foundation over the root notes encased with variations.

The acoustic drums perform beats that are firm and straightforward while every other element has a significant and thoughtful rhythmic flexibility. This song embraces the core intricate qualities of jazz and fabricates a strong medium to connect with the listeners.

Definitely listen to 'Ages' by PostmodernGypsies on YouTube.

About PostmodernGypsies:

"PostmodernGypsies are a father & son Jazz Duo from St. Louis, Missouri. Fred Hilligardt (father) was Songwriter for Motown Records in the late 1970s & Adam Hilligardt (son) is the second half of the Indie Pop Duo, Neil and Adam."