Status Foe - 'Falling Awake'
'Falling Awake' is a fleshed-out rock album with fire-spitting magnetic music. Its various, all-powerful and dynamic themes carry unexpected twists and turns through its melodies and rhythm. The harmony between nostalgic and modernistic tones give this album its unique sound.

Snappy and tight drums bring beats to life, striking guitar riffs are vibrant and full of motions. Variable guitar tones are used cleverly for each song and set the mood and atmosphere. Heavy picking and pitch bending along with long and short guitar solos landing with a sudden change in the rhythmic pattern characterise Status Foe's style of surprising the listeners.

The roaring tone of the bass in the mids play awesome bass lines boosting the thickness of the track. Extended musical sections and thoughtfully used reverbs and delays makes the sound spacious when needed.

Instruments like keys or pedal steel add wonderful layers of melodies while keeping the core intact. Lastly, the vocals, are driven by unrestrained energy defining the freedom and capability of its range through its passion and fervency.

Colby Holmes: Vox, Bass, Keys, Guitar, Chad Prifogle: Drums, Larry Anderson: Guitar, Warren Kost: Bass, Pedal Steel.

About Status Foe:

"Status Foe is an Indianapolis-based band with a sound that’s timelessly Midwestern and somehow also completely futuristic and genre-bending. All hailing at their origin from Indianapolis, Status Foe is composed of four lifelong dedicated musicians, each with more than 20 years of live musicianship under their belts and a musical history that began in their first years of life. As a unit, the guys have spent the last couple of years sharpening their tone and perfecting their signature hypnotic sound for this latest album release, Falling Awake. For each of them, this album is a celebration of musical self-expression, emotion, and all the highs and woes of life. It’s the culmination of years of dedication to craft, experience earned, and purposeful, disciplined musicianship."