Suraaj Parab & Sandeep Kulkarni - 'Wistful Thoughts Vol.1'
If music is the ocean then 'Ascolterò' is one of the most endearing drops of it. The song itself is a challenge full of complex composition with a melody that overflows with soft piano, alongside the vocals. The piano has a delicate and soothing range of tonal shades. Soulfully played by Suraaj Parab, it stands on its own with a delightfully unpredictable flow, resonance and harmonics. Its charming and sustaining sound travels with vocals throughout the song like a true accompanist. Along the journey, the song meets grand and rich strings pouring more emotion, uplifting the warmth and thoughtfulness. At the core of this song, the voice of Sandeep Kulkarni carries breathtaking depth.

The uniqueness of the voice is beautifully portrayed through its pure thundering bass and ability to effortlessly move between high and low octaves. The addition of subtle vibratos and pitch bend in the singing elevates feelings and also reveals the skills and knowledge of the singer. The voice and piano blend together so well that they almost become one. The mix has a great balance of frequencies and control of the dynamics. Every musical element including the vocals compliments each other making the song sound otherworldly. While looking through the lyrical aspect, we get to know the introspective meaning behind this song, how a soldier reflecting on his personal life, yet comparing his thoughts to his current harsh reality brings a flood of sentiment. 'Ascolterò' is an inner battle depicted perfectly by passion and love for music.

Suraaj Parab & Sandeep Kulkarni, in their own words:

"This is the first time we are doing this genre. Sandeep doesn't speak or read Italian. This is the first time he's singing in Italian and also in an Operatic style. We got the lyrics written by Josephine W after Sandeep told her the idea behind the lyrics you can see below. Sandeep then had to learn the song and the correct pronunciations to be able to deliver this."

A word from Suraaj Parab:

"My name is Suraaj Parab. I am a multiple award-winning Western Contemporary Classical Music Composer, Pianist & Bassist from Mumbai, India. I have two albums, One EP, Seven singles, press and media coverages from seven different countries around the world along with fourteen different international music awards from the USA and UK. I grew up listening to artists like Yanni, Yiruma, Richard Clayderman, Alan Silvestri, John Williams, and many more. They are the main influences behind my music I am the only Composer, Pianist from India who has been elected as a Voting Member of the Prestigious Grammy Awards."

Suraaj Parab

A word from Sandeep Kulkarni:

"My name is Sandeep Kulkarni, and I am a Singer, Songwriter, Voice - Over Artist, and former RJ living in sunny Southern California, SoCal, as we like to call it. I grew up in Mumbai (Bombay) and was part of the city’s rock music scene from 1992-1999. I was the lead vocalist for “Mayhem” – a heavy metal band with a broad fan base. During my tenure with Mayhem, we regularly performed at major shows, such as Independence Rock and IIT Mood Indigo, to name a few. We also performed outside of Mumbai at various shows across the country. Currently, I am the Lead Vocalist for the SoCal-based Band “Rusty Rickshaw” where we experiment with everything from Rock, Folk, Indie, Fusion, etc. We have already released some original songs, and we are working on an EP right now. Furthermore, I am working on my originals and collaborating with Suraaj Parab while lending my voice to his neo-classical originals"

Sandeep Kulkarni