White Boy Rick - '8 Track: Untitled'
First of all, this is not the generic hip-hop music that you hear in your everyday life. This is something special and extraordinary. Every track in '8 Track: Untitled' has so much to give in the form of music and Rick's singing and rapping. Yes, this artist performs vocals and raps simultaneously, it is impressive! Rather than just traditional industry beats that are used in this genre, we get a taste of various complex and stylized samples that are deeply melodic and emotive. The effects like reverb, delay and doubling over music and voice are done too thoughtfully, giving it a sentimental value. While holding the softness through its exquisite mix of sounds, we can get the tough and sturdy beats leading the rhythm.

Over time you will realise that the White Boy Rick has absolutely no boundaries when it comes to being expressive, as many tracks carry the shades of classical, blues, trap and even funk genres showing the diversity of music that supports the vocals and rap. There are many variations keeping the album fresh and engaging through energy and flow. From a lyrical perspective, all tracks have a personal connection to the artist and have profound feelings. Various emotions are detailed and portrayed exceptionally well and with a surprising collaboration of other artists, the album just feels complete.

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About White Boy Rick

"I'm a Rapper/Producer who's been working on my craft and mastering it. I've been releasing music for 3 years and have been passionate about it for longer. My only goal is to inspire others and more than that provide for my family doing what I love most."