Alexis Gerred - 'Unbreakable (Feat. MiG Ayesa)'

'Unbreakable (Feat. MiG Ayesha)' is a fast ride of spicy rock and pop elements. It's a song with a vigorous energy that challenges musical and rhythmic complexities and wins! Squeezing out every last drop of melody through its composition, this song is loaded with wild, fantastic and unexpected variations in its flow. Tight and sharp drums and percussion sync their power with crunchy and monumental guitar riffs. Punchy lows and overheads, deep bass, a touch of electronic elements and a sick guitar solo are some of the many characteristics that uplift the vitality of the track. The collaboration with MiG Ayesa unifies the depth and significance of the song.

Verses and chorus have flawless transitions with remarkable articulations connecting the sections. Gently blending brass with the guitar is genius and makes the sound immense and lavish. Effective key changes make the song a whole lot brighter and more engaging while also delivering the profundity of lyrics. The voice is a force of nature, brought to us through the sheer vehemence and mastery over high range vocals and harmonies. You can feel that the breathtaking voice is the strength and emotive power driving the song forward. In a performance that acknowledges this awesome force, Alexis Gerred has achieved unbeatable distinction.

'Unbreakable (Feat. MiG Ayesa)' by Alexis Gerred is available to stream worldwide on all streaming platforms.

About Alexis Gerred:

Alexis Gerred

"Star of West End theatre & TV to launch his first single from his upcoming EP.
All streaming Links go live on 11th March HERE:

ALEXIS GERRED, will be launching his highly anticipated first single in 3 years, on March 11th, followed by an EP later this year. From Rod Stewart to David Bowie, to Phil Collins and Freddie Mercury, the West End Theatre made us familiar with such British Rock stars, whose names are forever recorded in everyone’s heart and mind.

And now, one of those rising stars emerging from the West End, is Alexis Gerred, an English Rock singer-songwriter based in London. Alexis’s name is known for his leading roles on stage productions such as ‘Our House’, ‘Dreamboat & Petticoats’, and ‘American Idiot’. He also appeared on prime-time BBC1 live television in Eurovision: ‘Your Country Needs You’ (Runner Up) and ‘Let It Shine (Semi-Finalist)’.

Alexis Gerred’s Emotional New Single, “Unbreakable” Drops March 11th
Collaboration with artist MiG Ayesa makes song highly meaningful

London, UK (March 11th, 2022) – How many musical artists get the opportunity to collaborate with the star who inspired them to make music to begin with? Alexis Gerred has. His new single, “Unbreakable,” features his inspiration and hero, MiG Ayesa, the West End and Broadway titan who has starred in such mega hits as Rock of Ages, Thriller Live, Annie, We Will Rock You, and more.

Fast-paced, with a smooth combination of both timeless rock influences with modern pop appeal, “Unbreakable” features a range of dynamics, resulting in a distinctive, one-of-a-kind flow.

Fans of artists like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Queen, Foo Fighters and the Beatles will be drawn to the song’s heartfelt and passionate rock energy.

“Unbreakable” is the lead track on Gerred’s second album, releasing later this year. His first album, Alexis, debuted in 2018.

The collaboration with Ayesa is more than two talented artists working together. Like many of us, when he was younger Gerred wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. It was when he saw his first musical, We Will Rock You in London’s West End that his life – and career path - changed forever. The musical, inspired by Queen, starred Ayesa, a rising star in British Theatre.

“I watched MiG Ayesa take to the stage and his delivery, passion and charisma flipped a switch inside me,” Gerred recalls. “Although I had never even attempted singing a note before, I knew I wanted to emulate him and follow a path that would one day see me up on that stage, too.”

And he did. Gerred followed his dreams and has gone on to star in multiple London productions as well as shows like “Eurovision: Your Country Needs You” (BBC1 – runner up) and “Let it Shine” (BBC1 – semi-finalist).

While Gerred built his career, Ayesa’s star continued to rise, landing the Australian-Filipino talent in leading roles in hits like Rock of Ages, Thriller Live, Annie, and more. He also appeared on Rockstar: INXS, leading to his own debut album with Decca Records.

“I’ve followed MiG’s career and plucked inspiration from so many things he’s done,” explains Gerred. “One that stands out in particular was his time on Rockstar: INXS where I loved his Rock ‘n Roll style of showmanship.”

The opportunity to collaborate on “Unbreakable” with Ayesa is even more meaningful by the personal nature of the song, based on a relationship with a former acting agent that turned sour. “Unbreakable” is about staying driven and focused on one’s dreams, an important message for many in today’s tumultuous world.

“This song is about resilience and determination,” says Gerred. “If I can inspire someone to take charge of their own lives and bounce back from adversity, that’s my goal.”

“Unbreakable” will be available March 11th on all streaming/download sites and is accompanied with a B-Side “Mary Go Round”, a cover originally by British Rock band The Struts.

"Unbreakable" Written by Alexis Gerred & Produced by TylaJoe Connett

"Mary Go Round" Written by The Struts, Vocals by Alexis Gerred & Produced by TylaJoe Connett."

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