A fun and delightful song that takes you on a much-needed holiday. The theme is served with relaxed and comfortable articulations that will drop you directly into your best cosy vacation spot. The sweetness, ease of melody and lyricism bring warmth through its meaning and purpose. This song reminds us to take time off, and spend some time with the person we love. To keep your stressful problems aside for a while and chill. The gentle and light music is driven by drums and percussions with intricacy. Warm and brief bass is just thick enough to dive deep with its tone. The song feels like a freestyle acoustic blend of many genres.

With Rhodes and keys supporting chords in the background, the guitar leads with its raw and original sound. The composition merges extremely well with the words as if the words are carved directly from the notation and the groove. Easy to follow and easy to sing along to, this song defines simplicity through its melodic beauty - something which is unique!

Definitely listen to 'Chaperon' by Alias Wayne on Spotify.

About Ranzel X Kendrick

"Ranzel X Kendrick is a genre-blending artist singer-songwriter offering a very original pop-rock "freestyle folk" groove in his Texas Trilogy CD’s: 1) Texas Cactus, 2) Texas Sagebrush, and 3) Texas Paintbrush.

Kendrick brings fans his alter ego persona in the Fall/2019 release: “SNAFU by Alias Wayne." The 6-song EP that embraces his equal enjoyment of more-electric… Alternative Country/Rock & Blues on a broader canvas.

Growing up w/multi-Grammy winner uncle Roger Miller giving tips to his songwriting, Kendrick brings an influence of humor at times in his songs. If you like great lyrics and great melody in excellent original songwriting, Ranzel X Kendrick delivers it."