Blind Uncle Harry - 'I Just Want You To Know'
'I Just Want You To Know' is one of those songs which carries emotions when presented in its natural form. This lyrically driven song already establishes its strong message and gives you an insight into its true meaning. The absence of over processed and polished sound is what makes this song unique and leaves an emotional impact on the mind. The clarity of vocals and their successive harmonies make them easy to follow and sing along with. The subtle blend of folk and rock elements is ingenious and has a genuine influence on the theme. A simple and traditional combination of fiddle and acoustic guitar contributes to the intricacy of this tune.

A modest place for bass provides a significant warmth while also supporting the rhythm. The inclusion of electric guitar and snappy drums adds melodic and tonal quality to the spectrum. The underlying vintage dynamics serves up the isolated and saturated sound of all the musical elements as intended. Even though the composition and lyrics are amusing and engaging, the delightful humour has a powerful message for the listeners.

Definitely listen to 'I Just Want You To Know' by Blind Uncle Harry on Bandcamp.

About Blind Uncle Harry

"Blind Uncle Harry is the stage name for Chris 'Harry' Doran a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter based in Bloomington, Indiana. He took the name Blind Uncle Harry from his actual great Uncle Harry, who was indeed blind. He was a fiddle player and sparked a lifelong appreciation of the power of one man and an instrument.

Harry's 2020 album The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry received rave reviews, has been played on over 120 stations across the United States, charted on the NACC Folk Chart, and placed a number of songs on stations' weekly Top 20 playlists. The album's single "Hillbilly Hippie Haiku" was also lauded by critics, as was Harry's 2020 holiday single "Christmas Day in Australia", which also charted."