Kali Indiana - 'Probably Not'

'Probably Not' is a song that encompasses all the beautiful aspects of its delightful genre. The musical and lyrical simplicity presents the strong message of this song with ease. Accompanied by expressive and challenging instrumental performances we get a colourful and vibrant sound keeping the energy consistently high. The raw and classic guitar and fiddle solo is a melodic treat for the listeners keeps the song more engaging and interesting. The major scale chord progression with a minimal and relaxed rhythmic pattern unleashes roots of country-rock and outlaw music which is layered in its unique stylized way in the song.

The energy of vocals perfectly matches with the music. Kali Indiana's voice is powerful and shows emotional strength and resilience. The passionate voice is firm and harmonic that establishes the tone which certainly hits hard and deep. In Kali Indiana's words - "This song is a love letter to strong women,- a manifesto for the ladies who just want to be left alone to have a drink."

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About Kali Indiana

"Kali Indiana is an outlaw country-rock artist based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Her latest single, "Wild In Me" was recorded in Nashville with Jordan Lake at the Record Shop and is available on all streaming platforms. KI’s next single, "Probably Not" on 3/4/22. This song is a love letter to strong women, - a manifesto for the ladies who just want to be left alone to have a drink. “Probably Not” is new age 9-to-5, I’m just damn pissed off and ready for a change anthem. If you combined the tone and timbre of Miranda Lambert with the power and growl of Janis Joplin, then set it to outlaw country music, you'd have a good idea of KI’s music. Her high-energy, rock-infused show is unique for female country artists and brings a fresh feminine perspective to a genre filled mostly by men. Her background is as a classically trained choral vocalist, who then trained with one of the Midwest’s premier blues and operatic vocal teachers for many years. KI started writing her own music in high school, and the first song she wrote took her within only months to playing solo for tens of thousands of spectators at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, IN. Kali has been hooked ever since. Her personal brand is 70's glam rock meets cowgirl fashion, and Kali loves to ride motorcycles/ATVs and travel. KI also has her law degree and has worked in business settings for the last 10 years. Kali worked full-time in sales while putting herself through law school, all while growing the Kali Indiana brand. She is professional, trustworthy, and an extremely hard worker."