MOON AND ARIES - 'The Arrival'
'The Arrival' has a magical synthwave elegance that gradually grows on you. With its steady rhythm, it brings you into its musical cosmos and engages you with its crystal clear melodic sound. Musical elements have dynamic and otherworldly influence through their mesmerising electronic instrumentation, heavy beats and outstanding vocals. As spacious as the music sounds, it also evolves over time with its exceptional interpretation of emotion through its composition. Every musical element sounds polished and due to its fine tonal quality, it immediately becomes an earworm. The music breaths energy in and out with its variations and remarkable effects through its electronica and interesting articulations.

Such beautifully crafted music highly contributes to the song being atmospheric and hypnotic. On top of all the mind captivating music, we have fantastic and passionate vocals with perfect vibratos and harmonies. The brightness and range that the voice covers is immeasurable giving out the feeling of comfort and calmness. Its ethereal and euphonic features are performed with passion and are devoted towards delivering the meaning of this song. The delays and reverbs add a touch of kaleidoscopic ambience that provides depth to the song. 'The Arrival' comes with awareness and wakefulness with its esoteric theme and vibe built upon its distinctive musical and philosophical perspective.

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German composer & producer Tom Aries and Canadian writer/singer Jordana Moon team up as MOON AND ARIES. To bring warmth and assurance for a brighter future.

The new album envelops captivating retro synthesizer sounds with ethereal vocals - the result:

A very calm, chill, romantic and relaxed overall mood! A sound they’ve proven to be dear to the audience of the Spotify Editorial and radio station playlists. A perfect addition to synthpop, triphop, electronic, ambient, chill, lounge, pop streaming or radio playlists!

About THE ARRIVAL – the album and the new title song release: A mission: To help raise the collective consciousness through high vibe music. We are driven by purpose and passion. The Arrival album is a philosophy, our culture and way of life. It's who we are and how we want to resonate thru the musical Universe. It's worth it to take a chance and do something unique and authentic, even if there's a risk of not having everyone on board. We make the music we are inspired and guided to make, and we go "all in". We believe in what we are creating. And that is incredibly important. No one will believe you if you don't 100% stand by your creative instincts and reason.

About MOON AND ARIES: A music duo, surfing the quantum Universe bringing back your favourite retro music and mixing it with a futuristic perspective. A “Synth Pop Opera” mix: Tom aka Aries composing the song, Jordana aka Moon, writing the lyrics and singing, this galactic duo feels complete in their mission together. A "mission accepted", to create high spirited, thought-provoking entrancing music. The door to the musical Universe is wide open and they welcome you to enter into this world!

Jordana Moon

About Jordana Moon:
Jordana Moon (aka Jordana Kalenova) is a singer-songwriter from Western Canada. Composing and creating lyrics and melody with the goal to inspire and empower her listeners. Her approach to music is to mix a higher level of consciousness and concepts and bring these more philosophical ideas to modern music. Jordana composes her music with a wide variety of instruments, playing the piano, acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, ukelele and violin.

Jordana studied creative writing at Vancouver film school, and she enjoys writing music with themes of high consciousness, sexual healing and empowerment.

Jordana finds inspiration from old jazz, the 70s and 80s soul/pop / RnB music, trip-hop and current neo-soul. And Artists like Portishead, Shivaree, Eliza, Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Lauryn Hill, Massive Attack and composers like Cole Porter and Steven Sondheim. She released her solo songs as Jordana Kalenova on every streaming platform.

Tom Aries
About Tom Aries
Tom Aries (aka Tom Sundermann) is an electronic synthesizer musician, songwriter and producer from Western Germany. A composer of mostly instrumental tracks, analogue and digital synthesizer sequences. Tom`s music fuses his classical piano education with influences stemming from synthesizer sounds of the 80s. He produced songs and sounds for computer games and soundtracks for short videos and films. Influenced by bands and artists like DEPECHE MODE, KRAFTWERK, JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, MASSIVE ATTACK, PORTISHEAD, RĂ–YKSOPP - and the sound of the 80s... - he created more and more songs, instrumental ideas and music.

Especially the combination of pictures, films and art with music have been Tom's first creative base. Tom composes his songs mainly on the piano. After this first acoustic piano melody version, he is producing the songs within his little home studio.

He released his solo songs as an artist 'GALAXY OF NIGHT'.