notevenstevens - 'Chains'
notevenstevens's debut album 'Chains' is electronic music on steroids. This experimental masterpiece defines its theme through its unique take on the complex arrangement of juicy musical elements. Thus, this album has driven itself through the walls of institutionalized musical theory towards a free and limitless form. From tracks like 'Goin Up', 'Float', 'Nitrous', 'High Beams', 'Tactical', 'Goin Down' you can hear the ideas and thoughtfulness behind the sound that entices you with its complex articulations and strong resonance. These tracks give the feeling that exactly match their titles. Even if the nature of these beautifully tuned and artistically composed tracks is entirely abstract, the basic fundamental music can be heard through it.

The art of 'Chains' exists in its proficiency to simulate visuals in the minds of listeners based on each track. The tonal variations and unpredictable layers are filled with stunning shapeless forms of melodies and harmonies that enhance the scope of this album. Its ultramodernist compositional techniques have exquisite and captivating contrasts of dynamics and textures. Birth and rebirth of constantly evolving and challenging frequencies have ambient as well as emotional impacts on listeners. All this power when combined with magnetic and euphonic vocals, you get a whole new experience of Ethan, aka notevenstevens', music which can be heard through songs like 'Infatuated feat. Kehar', 'Paradise', 'Complex' and 'Spine' which feat. Stitxch along with 'Torn2Pieces' and 'Haunted' which has his own vocals. Using in-depth knowledge of how a sound hits and influences a certain mood or emotion and presenting it in a combination in its wildest nature is something this album accomplishes. 'Chains' is beyond the laws and regulations of methodical and procedural music, it is revolutionary in its own unique way.

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About notevenstevens

notevenstevens is one of the freshest multifaceted artists in the Australian music scene. He is a genre-bending, PC Music-loving producer, artist, songwriter & creative director. His debut album, ‘Chains’, is one of the most unique and original albums to release in 2022.

A 13 track experience with a mixture of instrumental and vocal based songs which includes his vocal debut on ‘Torn2pieces’, and ‘Haunted’. With an ever-growing fanbase with 5.05+ million on TikTok and 50,000+ streams, notevenstevens is definitely one to watch as he transcends the underground.