Rory Sturgeon - 'Hope you'll be mine'
'Hope you'll be mine' is a song that perfectly holds that 'friendly hug' of a quality that pulls the listener into a dreamy and wistful pool of familiar emotion. The mellifluous tone carries a lo-fi and atmospheric ambience that resonates beautifully. Unfolding into the depths of the music, the warm and gentle resonance of the piano performs the core melody and sustains high energy throughout the song. The creative and artistic approach of blending multiple tones through the piano and the subtle contribution of the bells locks in a mellow vibe, further, keeping the song engaging. This combination perfectly communicates the sentiment of the lyrics through the beauty of simplicity and clarity.

Arranged with a minimal pop styled rhythmic pattern, the beats are clean and easy-going. Rory's voice is the star of the show, having a rich natural depth to it that is expressive and soothing. The vocals are accompanied by subtle harmonies that add more colour to the song and sound relaxed and cosy. Rory Sturgeon is definitely one to watch!

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A word from Rory:

"I am a 19-year-old Indie artist from Kent, England. I have played the piano since I was 8 years old and started learning production skills at age 18. I produce and record everything myself from home using pro tools."