'Eagles and Vultures' is a single that has some really good elements and could benefit from the addition of a few more elements. Let's understand the idea and execution behind this song: starting with the melody itself, we get layers of some really good classic keyboard tones that also gives us a shade of organ which plays the core melody. There is a separate keyboard layer that has a rhythmic bias over melody. The keyboard covers the bulk of the melodies and harmonies. The composition is built using the keyboard as the cornerstone and main structure on which the vocals are pinned. Along with the keyboard we have a percussive rhythm that is well-timed and performed.

Regarding the vocals themselves, they feel experimental and somewhat abstract. They tell a story that sometimes appears disjointed from the music itself, but perhaps that is the artist's expression of art in their music. The track appears to have three phases making for a long piece. Each phase has the same instrumental elements but has variable melodies, chord progression and rhythm. Being the experimental and theatrical song that it is, this track is perhaps something that would be best suited to the game or independent TV/movie production world.

'Eagles and Vultures' will be released on the 1st March 2022.

About Unspeakable Vehicle:

"Unspeakable Vehicle is a progressive rock band formed on November 8th, 2019 from the U.S. & Germany. The band consists of vocalist, keyboardist & bassist Austin Perry, drummer & percussionist Noah Smith and guitarist Patricia Oprisiu. Their song 'Eagles & Vultures' will be released on their two year anniversary since they released their first song ''O' Miss Valentine"."