WARRIOR TRUTH - 'Down the rabbit hole'
Intense, virtuosic, and powerful, this song is the definition of glorious aggression and heavy metal rap. The soul-vibrating distortion of massive guitars with deep bass playing a spicy riff makes the adrenaline rush. With pummeling and clear drums, we get the punchiest kick and smashing snare with piercing hi-hats and cymbals. Being rough and tough at the core, the song has melodic and harmonic elements layered in the background that blend well with the tune. Vocals have a personality that dominates the rap game in this song. The flow and throw of words is full of vibrant energy driving the emotions. The variations in death growl stand out by their strong impact giving an insight into the artist's talent.

With its thunderous music and lyrics and contorted guitar riffs and chords, emphatic drumming, extra low-range bass, and aggressive rap style, 'Down the rabbit hole' by WARRIOR TRUTH is one hell of a song!

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"In a world where there’s misinformation, lack of facts on important topics ,restrictions on freedom of speech i felt I had to go deep within to get answers and that’s where warrior Truth was born."