A song that acknowledges the power of patience and discipline and reminds you to keep working towards your goal with a hopeful mindset. A very positive and optimistic single that satisfies its meaning not just through beautiful lyricism, but also through its resonant luminous musical elements. The beats are extremely clean and tight playing undisturbed and steady rhythm. The colourful glow of beautiful and deep atmospheric pads with an ambient vibe makes this song extremely sonorous. This song has vocals and rap, that will surely elevate the positive feelings and emotions alongside the catchy tune and the addictive chorus.

Calm at its core, the flow of its energy quickly becomes an inspiration and leaves an unforgettable impact on the mind. This B. Hughes' empowering song also describes the listeners, a small part of the artist's personal journey that many of you can relate to. 'G.Y.S.T.' is poetic and expressive with its lyrics and can be tuned in by everyone. The great music and vocals have all the qualities that are perfect for the message that this song wants to deliver. The gradual progression from rap to the chorus is very smooth, backed up by an established and soothing melody that has the potential to uplift your mood. The combination and contribution of all elements have greatly influenced the theme of this masterpiece.

Definitely listen to 'G.Y.S.T. ft. DURAG B' by B. HUGHES.


Brandon White, artistically known as B. Hughes, is in it for the long haul. 

Hailing from Atlanta, the songwriter & poet 
was first introduced to music when he began rapping and making beats at age 15. At the time he was going by the name DJ Staxx, but since then his musical maturity and lyricism have evolved into something much deeper, poetic and soulful— his own moniker B. Hughes was inspired by the late African-American poet & activist, Langston Hughes. 

From an early age, artists such as Jay Z, Kanye & Atlanta’s very own Andre 3000, inspired him to hustle from the ground up and birth quality music, able to withstand the test of the time. 

Through trials, triumphs and the mysteries of life, something that has remained consistent is his art. 

In the year 2020, B. Hughes released a series of 10 EP’s, all titled by the respective month. The tracks range from feel-good tracks for everyone to vibe to, to slow and sexy for the ladies or even fast & fun for them to dance to, to heartfelt cries detailing the highs and lows of life. And honourably, the inspiring ballad “Legend.”

This variation is what sets him apart from the rest & is what truly makes him legendary in his own right.