Da Misfit - 'TayLor' from the album 'E-Way'
Da Misfit is one of those talented artists that is a hidden gem. The skills of such an artist really shine throughout this album and have the power to grab your attention immediately. Just like every amazing track on this album, 'TayLor' brings energy to the table with a captivating vibe. The smooth and noteworthy high-quality production of the music which includes the mixing of many melodic elements makes this track sound rich and sexy. On top of it, is the rap that embodies Da Misfit's voice representing mastery over the art. The mixing of multiple voices gives us an insight into the context of the track and easily wins you over with its flow and bars.

Tight and minimalistic beats guide the rhythmic pattern and establish the pacing of the verses. The vocals feel seamless due to their momentum and charm. Just like this track, the entire album hooks you with its wonderfully crazy lyricism and music. What's unique here is the style of presenting traditional hip/hop but with Da Misfit's own spice and zing. This track will be stuck in your head in no time due to its catchy and appealing nature.

Definitely listen to 'TayLor' and the entire album 'E-Way' by Da Misfit on Spotify.