Hot Pants de France - 'Bohemian_Rhapsody' (COVER)
A light-hearted cover with absolute excellence in showcasing the complexity of the genre through beautiful instrumentals and vocals. Such a performance can take a lifetime to master in order to be presented effortlessly to the listeners in the way that Hot Pants de France does. Transforming an original rock masterpiece into a sweet, melodious and harmonious jazz rendition, opens up a completely new perspective. The song presents its unique characteristics by modernising the art while preserving the traditional roots. The strings have an intricate accuracy that highlights the fine details in this composition.

The synchronisation of guitar and bass seamlessly merges with the rhythmic pattern, followed by remarkable fillers and licks. The voice is soothing and gentle, bringing elegance through its expressive tone making the finished sound sophisticated, with an added sense of 'perfect improvisation' which reaches far beyond expectations, surprising and delighting the listener at every turn.

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About Hot Pants de France

"Hot Pants de France is:

Sam Kaufmann – Arrangements and Guitar
Lisa Rittner – Vocals and Sax
Jack O’Roonie – Bass and also Bass
Andrea Reynolds and Jane Young – Violin

Hot Pants de France – a Gypsy Jazz/Swing “Supergroup” – uniquely interpreting hits from the ’80s and ’90s. Hot Pants de France incorporates modern influences while staying true to the ground-breaking style created by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli in Quintette du Hot Club de France – one of the first all-string jazz bands.

Child prodigy, top-level touring/session guitarist (Maynard Ferguson, NKOTB, Kenny Loggins) and Emmy nominated film/tv composer Sam Kaufmann captured lightning in a bottle with the very talented musicians forming the Gypsy Jazz and Swing “Supergroup” – Hot Pants de France. Sam has liberated himself from the Hot Jazz canon and presents his own uninhibited, modern style that has matured over the time with Hot Pants de France and highlights what is still to come. Well received by both listeners and the press, the vision was to bring a fresh, contemporary feel to hits from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s by arranging them in the style of jazz great Django Reinhardt. The intention was not to simply recapitulate the music, but to interpret it with a uniqueness, incorporating modern influences, while remaining true to the innovative style created by Django and Stéphane Grappelli in Quintette du Hot Club de France, one of the first all-string jazz bands.

The dichotomy between musical styles of the ’40s and the ’90s is bridged by vocalist Lisa Rittner, elegantly bringing the music into the sound of “today”. Lisa honed her chops for a decade on the Queen Mary and band Sound F/X. In addition to her voice, she gracefully adds her Saxophone prowess to Hot Pants’ samba-esque version of “Black Hole Sun”.

Harkening back to the establishing sound of OG – Stéphane Grappelli, Jane Young (2nd Place International Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, Swiss Dream Circus, NBC, Nova/PBS) constructed excellent counterpoint to Sam’s guitar lines. The two play off each other like a conversation between old friends. Jane’s parts are performed live by violin extraordinaire Andrea Reynolds who, not unlike Stéphane, lends her talents to ground-breaking experimental musical groups.

Finally, touring/session bassist Jack O’Roonie (Andre Williams, Danny B Harvey, Wanda Jackson and Labella Strings endorsee) outlines the harmony while controlling the dynamics and pace of the band with his fantastical yet proficient bass lines.

Years of experience and effortless interaction are clear – noteworthy on the recordings as well as on stage. Standing on the works by Django Reinhardt, it is this unique mix of pop, jazz, americana and inventive compositions that makes the unmistakable sound of the group."