Jar Of Kings - 'Momentum'

'Momentum' has everything that a rock/metal-head craves. This instrumental masterpiece has the energy of a beast that breathes fire which is perfectly portrayed by the band's performance. Loud, heavy and distorted guitars, assertive rhythm, thick bass and drums are wrapped in a punchy and tight mix. With such intensity, the album also has some remarkable melodious and harmonious explosions that show the other musical side which is driven by aggression and high quality. The subtle variations in tonal curves of instruments diversify the dynamics which you can feel and get absorbed into. The 'Intro' track itself is soothing and builds excitement for the upcoming instrumentals.

The complexities in rhythm and accuracy in their execution demonstrate the exceptional skill of all the artists. 'Jar Of Kings' has established its own path to express and explore this genre. All tracks go through an evolution, a journey that explores various emotions. The music communicates with you with its emotive depth and passionate renditions. From a technical point of view, the production is top-notch, making every juicy frequency available to you. Everything has a purpose and a flow while being presented professionally. The innovation on top of the underlying roots of metal/rock makes Jar Of Kings the kings of Modern Rock/Metal in their own way. Such challenging, unique and thoughtful compositions in a single album, undoubtedly will become your favourite listen.

Awesome Track List:

1. Intro
2. Timeless (feat. Denis Dyakon)
3. Requiem
4. Monoverse
5. Resolve
6. Gallantry
7. Fender Bender
8. Golem's Dance

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Also, Check out their music video for 'Monoverse'

About Jar Of Kings

Artis Apinis and Artūrs Patetko present the listeners with a modern and colourful DEBUT ALBUM 'Momentum', consisting of 8 tracks. The album was written, recorded and produced by 'Jar Of Kings' at Artis's home studio, revisiting the style of intricate arrangements, meshing melodies with rhythms, dynamics and different moods, combining progressive rock and metal.

Jar Of Kings
Jar Of Kings is an instrumental modern rock/metal band from Latvia. Formed in 2021, the group leaders are guitarist/producer Artis Apinis and guitarist Artūrs Patetko.

Back in the day, both guitarists played in a band called Legacy ID.

Jar Of Kings