'Keep It in the Ground!' is a great initiative expressed strongly through this powerful and hard-hitting song. The depth of words along with the melodic and harmonious music will inspire us all to think about the decisions that we as a society have taken that are negatively affecting the environment and peace on this planet. This song reminds us of the harsh reality of how our need has transformed into our greed and has caused severe damage to the climate which eventually will affect future generations. The song motivates us to challenge and take a step against the exploitation of resources in the name of a better life. Rather, it gives us a good message of planting more trees and protecting nature.

This eye-opening song has a mix of crunchy and amplified guitars strumming through the chords. Just like all the instruments, the vocals are expressive and convey emotions that boost the profound meaning of this song. The voices of children at the very end of the song continuing the chorus are heart-warming. The beauty is in the simplicity of the words and the composition which makes this song easy to follow and understand.

Definitely listen to 'Keep It in the Ground!' by Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers on Spotify.

About Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers

"Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers started playing together in the spring of 2007 in Austin, Texas. Since then they have released two full-length albums and one EP: "Welcome to the Rockhouse" (2008), "GIANT" (2011), and the "W.B. E.P." (2015).

Now, after a few years' hiatus to start families and whatnot, Josh and the boys are back with a new outlook and a new EP.

"Still Alive" (2022) represents a shift in focus for Josh Allen the songwriter. Unlike the band's previous, more debaucherous, even hedonistic material, this is very much a post-Trump, post-COVID collection of songs, written by a concerned parent in a warming world.

The music, however, remains firmly rooted in Rock and Roll.

The first single from the new EP, "Keep It In The Ground!" is out now on all platforms and has a powerful music video up on YouTube. The full EP "Still Alive" is set for release later this summer."