Lurid Purple Flowers - 'Darkness' from the album 'Mania'
The classic impulsive energy of this song with a splash of retro style will wake up the dead. The power and dynamic flow of the instrumentals cover all corners of its genre bringing with it an astonishing sound. Full acceleration, no breaks, you get a rush of adrenaline throughout the song with its mind-blowing musical and vocal performance. The unlocked potential of guitars cranking the tone, tight bass and strong drums smashing the beats don't just show the band's synchronisation but a combined force of a talented group of artists. The influential and evergreen voice makes the song even more vibrant and colourful.

The voice seamlessly resonates with the meaning of the song and unleashes its empowering nature perfectly wrapped around the lyrics. The gravelly and raspy accent in the voice successfully conveys the mood and assertive vibe of the song. In fact, the crunchy and raw sound exists in all elements layered with distortion and saturation. From riffs and fillers to solos, playing up-front or in the background, the guitars have conquered and dominated the musical aspect of this song. The evolution of the track defines the band's unlimited creativity giving a perfect interpretation of 'darkness'.

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About Lurid Purple Flowers

At the start of 2020, everything was looking up for Boston-based hard rock band Lurid Purple Flowers. As life shut down all across the United States and plans were put on hold, they focused their energy on creating an electric live show, with all-new, heavier material. Their debut single Too Late combines their classic rock and blues influences into a catchy tune with blistering solos from frontwoman CA Newcomb and guitarist Ben Caito. Boston native Nick White locks down the band’s tight, funk-influenced grooves.

Now, In 2022 following the release of their debut EP 'Mania,' the band is ready to hit the road.

“Lurid” means vivid and harsh in colour and is a perfect description for the band in both sound and personality. After a full year on the scene, it’s clear this band is playing for their own survival.