'Running On Empty' is an easy-going, melodious and beautifully crafted song that brings out the rainbow of colourful and dynamic frequencies through its music and Melissa's captivating voice. The subtle introduction to the keys among all the string-based instruments adds more character to this song. The pacing and flow are comfortable for a sing-along and capture the tiny details in the textures of each musical piece. Punchy and spacious as it sounds, it also delivers deep emotional context through its equally powerful lyricism. Melissa's voice has expressive qualities that evoke feelings and reveals the sentimental element.

The intricate details in her voice are delightful and enchanting. Her passionate and sincere performance gradually becomes a bridge that connects listeners with this song. Just like the vocals, you can experience the unrestrained energy and liveliness among all instruments, blending together to form a resonant mix. There are unpredictable fillers and variations throughout the song that shows how much thoughtfulness and dedication went into making it alongside its tuneful theme and bright tone. It also becomes a definition of the true power and impact of country/Americana music fueled by Melissa's naturally harmonious and mellifluous voice. 'Running On Empty' emphasizes the pressures of everyday life becoming tiring and the relief that someone you live with can bring.

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About Melissa Quinn Fox

Country/Americana songstress Melissa Quinn Fox is known best for her story-driven songs, unique vocal tone, and captivating live performances. Reviews have described Melissa’s vocals as “Gritty, gorgeous, and a sound all her own.” In 2021 this hard-working musician released six well-received singles, was featured on the radio in the DC area, and played more than a hundred live shows, with the most notable being chosen to open for country star Jerrod Niemann.

A member of ASCAP and the Songwriters Guild of America, Melissa Quinn Fox was recently recognized for her exceptional songwriting skills by being nominated for Best Country Artist and Best Country Song at the Washington DC Area Whammie Awards.

Coming from an extensive and varied background in musical theatre opened the door for the Pittsburgh, PA artist to confidently play in many large theme parks around the world. From pop to country to alternative rock to Americana and more, Melissa draws some of her inspiration from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Sarah McLachlan, Faith Hill, and Natalie Merchant.

Currently promoting her latest single Running on Empty, listeners can expect a new EP to be released later in 2022. Melissa is currently playing live both in solo acoustic and with her full band. Show dates can be viewed on her official website.