'Weatherman' is one of those EPs which leaves a mark and keeps pulling you back to it again and again. The purpose of this EP is to make a place inside your heart through its smooth hypnotic music and vocals. Crystal clear guitar tones that play sparkling riffs and fillers give a never-ending source of melodic rendition. 'Weatherman' is a song that explores the familiar feeling of looking for the light in a dark place, a tale of hope and one day soon things will be turned around and get better. The theme continues in 'Light It Up', a song that professes unconditional love. Ronny Lee Couling's voice carries all the weight of the sentiments alongside the music.

The depth and richness of the words hold the meaning of the EP very well, encapsulating a cosy and warm essence. The simplicity of drums and bass encourages the authentic indie style and throws light on rhythmic patterns that carry the pacing of the songs. 'Grace' has a beautiful guitar flow and builds a dynamic atmosphere that sustains the heart-touching theme. The pure emotional drive that you get from the songs is incomparable and showcases the passion and love that Ronny has poured into them. Ending with 'Home (Acoustic)' you get so much more than you expected. You are left with a profound affection for all these songs, keeping them in memories that are beautifully crafted by Ronny Lee Couling's EP masterpiece.

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About Ronny Lee Couling:

Ronny Lee Couling
Singer-songwriter originally from the UK. From a young age, he has travelled all around the world and has recently settled in Sydney with his wife.