Taymarion - 'Want To Dance'
Taymarion is back with his versatile voice, bringing you this classic RnB filled with juicy melodies and lustful lyrics. The smooth and sensual vocals of this soulful song are perfectly combined with a strong backbeat. The warmth of amplified instruments creating seductive blues-inspired chord progressions immediately builds an ambient vibe. Thematically, it has underlying energy that keeps the fire burning and the desire to sing along. Taymarion performs one of the finest harmonies and vibratos, touching the depths of the composition. His complex vocal acrobatics are so effortless that you want to rewind and listen to them again and again.

The runs, riffs, agility and many microscopic details in the voice are achieved with an extreme perfection that makes Taymarion's voice heavenly. The flow of the lyrics and the pacing of the song is embraced by a broad range of vocals that covers multiple octaves and quickly becomes an earworm. Honestly, such a comfy and moody song, performed with great confidence will surely make you want to dance. The thickness of bass accompanied by synths facilitates perspective and wraps you in its musical atmosphere. In particular, the chorus hooks you up and lands you among the verses gently, enough to melt your heart. Once you hear this, you can't escape!

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About Taymarion:

"Born and raised in Mount Olive, NC on January 7 1992, Myron “Taymarion” Strong started singing at the age of 7 in the children’s choir At Winn Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. He began writing, recording, and performing original songs Around the age of 13. After years in the development stages, He released his first official project, An EP titled “LoveLifeLyrics”, in late 2018 and followed up with his debut album “Dark Side Of The Rose” the following year. Hard work, determination, patience, and faith keep him pushing forward as he lives by one quote which states “Slow progress is better than no progress”."