Bravo the Wav God - 'Hard To Tame'

Bravo the Wave God brings the sound that characterises minimalism and encloses a tone and style that is more diverse from the mainstream or conventional. Breaking the traditional norms and doing something different and creative in the hip-hop universe has qualified Bravo to incorporate freedom to add unique musical elements and perform accordingly. Defining melodic, rhythmic and lyrical simplicity in a song like 'Hard To Tame' brings ease of understanding the thought process behind it and makes it catchy and easy to process. The track is calm and soothing with its relaxed beat and subtle lo-fi ambience. The energy slowly grows upon you.

Definitely listen to 'Hard To Tame' by Bravo the Wav God on Spotify.

Bravo the Wav God - 'Heart Break Bravo 2'
Bravo the Wav God has an upcoming album 'Heart Break Bravo 2' which will be released on 4th June 2022. You can Presave it here - Heart Break Bravo 2.

About Bravo the Wav God

'Charlotte, NC native-born and raised. Been making music for 6 years.'