Brent Shinn - 'Better Call Somebody'

'Better Call Somebody' is a great demonstration of what an artist with thoughtful lyricism, expressive and strong vocals, followed by a single acoustic guitar can do. Starting with a sharp and clean guitar tone, we get variable strumming patterns. This song has more of a personal and poetic flow rather than a commercial one. Instead of a commercial or over-polished sound, this song takes on simplicity through its melodic and do-it-yourself approach to production. Vocals are extremely dedicated to performance, and a sense of devotion and passion toward music is clearly defined by the firm voice of Brent Shinn.

It's been a long time since music is presented in such a wonderfully simple form and Brent is totally self-aware about it which brings more interest to listening to this song. The absence of multi-instrumentation actually helps the words to have more space and impact making them effortlessly understandable and easy to follow. This will remind you of the nostalgic intellectualism of classic literature composed with raw and naturally presented music. Brent Shinn is unpretentiously talented and skilled as an artist who can carry the entire song in his free and unrestrained voice into the hearts of listeners. His proficiency on guitar is excellent and perfectly portrays and represents the feelings and meaning of this song.

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About Brent Shinn:

"I'm a songwriter with a decade of experience on the fringes of popular music and really on the fringes of everything else too. I'm a third-generation guitarist and 2nd generation writer."