Dre A.M. is here with an influential and powerful performance on his new album 'Bad Kid, GOOD City'. It carries a meaningful and thoughtful journey of finding one's true self. In his words - 'A young man tries to "escape" suburbia into the inner city to find out what he's made of.'

Right out of the gate, 'Neanderthal' is an intense beginning that establishes a strong foundation and sets the mood and overall stirring theme. It builds the tension through its minimal and hair-raising eerie music along with some sick traditional beats. A hint of heavy and hard-hitting bars light the torch that illuminates the path for the upcoming tracks. The track ends, making us familiar with the voice that becomes the vessel, carrying the listeners to the next stop.

Continuing the dark and serious tone, the trigger gets pulled upon some classic samples, perfectly aligned with the emotions, ready to charge with aggression. 'Brady' comes with thick and punchy beats carrying the fierce verses and their rhymes. The vitality piercing through the combination of vocals and music will establish roots in your mind, locking you into this highly catchy and addictive music. The wordplay already shows its vibrant aura travelling through on and off beats. The consistent energy slowly transitions to the next track.

'Cobain' has one of the coolest and quirkiest sampled hooks. Again, bringing out the core intention of this album, you are reminded before you even forget how awesome the rap is written and performed. The dynamic flow of the rap and hypnotic tune strengthens the gravity of the lyricism, giving us an insight into the artist's mind which revolves around the conflicts within oneself. It reveals the inner battle and a struggle for self-recognition.

Redirecting from the previous vibe, we switch to a small but mighty track called 'Sticky Tarpit'. The creative and unique rhythm oozes melody accompanied by a Dre A.M.'s distinctive and intricate flow. Its uniform exuberance continues to pour the sentimental aspect and resumes the voyage to the next track.

'Lost Harmonics' adds more fuel to the flames of this hot album. The breathless stamina and passion show up through the immaculate pacing of the artist's rap. You get to hear some fast and complex flows that unfold yet another level of talent and skill. The syllable stability is top-notch which is boosted by the throw of certain words and heavily emphasizing the meaning behind them. Your focus immediately goes to the artist's confrontational personality and expressive craftsmanship.

'Eat The Crow' brings back the spooky and unnerving tone with excellent significant rap. Simplicity is beauty here and sophistication redefines the rhythmic identity. No breaks are taken, and the phrases are framed in a way that matches the modest vibe without overdoing it. The quality of all the elements is at its best, and unpretentious. Nothing is overdone and distracting at all. The feeling of despair or dismay and depression has possessed these tracks as intended, letting the listeners know the level to which the mind can deterioration. Extremely emotive!

Seventh track in, and you will be slowly getting acquainted with the characteristics of this album. With 'Lay Down The Law', the music takes a turn more toward the experimental, unleashing the good old twisted ingenuity of hip-hop music. The gritty tone of voice tells us how things around him are the symptoms of a degrading society wanting him to abandon it. The harsh truth, spoken from the heart exposes the decaying reality through emphatic words that exhibit desperation for escapism.

'Pick Up The Pace' has some insane flows and verses with bright and vibrant music. Unlike previous tracks this track has a cosy melody and relaxed beats. The kick really gets highlighted along with crispy snares and hi-hats. The introspective aspect has been established right from the first song and becomes more prominent on this track, too. The combination of strings, piano and rhodes in the music harmonize the track witnessing the feelings voiced by the artist.

Resuming this album, you have 'Not A Hobby' manifesting passion. Closely holding onto the tempo of previous track, this one puts forth the challenging pursuit of the artist's life which he lives 24/7. Unlike some previous tracks, this track has less spooky music but matches the quality and intensity. The track feels rebellious and revolutionary in a way as the vocals accentuates the momentous bars. A significant addition to the list.

Pulling you back in to the classic mysterious and eerie ambience, is an ominous track called 'The Shepherd', bringing back the enigmatic liveliness, gently ascending and fading in from a dark tone towards a dreamy sound. The fearless and intrepidity defined by the beat gets its solemn sharpness. Firm beats as always, but especially the overall performance of the artist elevates towards sounding more and more professional. This track portrays toughness and robustness through vocals that stay extremely tight with the rhythm when it comes to the variety of flows seamlessly connecting and sharing the beat.

Getting closer to the end of this album, 'Spiritual War' comes in with a courageous mindset, meditating upon the depths of valiant philosophy outspoken by the artist. All the tracks have a dominant and prevalent punch which aims at the whole concept of the album. Being highly remarkable, even its short duration leaves a memorable mark which is becomes deeper and deeper throughout this pilgrimage.

A natural closeness develops towards this raw, real and relatable album. 'Dame Lillard' has a touch of dramatic and humorous style. The perceived tribulations that surrounds this track leads to the finale of this epic saga. What an incredible expedition!

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About Dre A.M.:

"Dre A.M. is a twenty-one-year-old artist based in Queens, New York - the mecca of rhythm and poetry. He began rapping at the ripe age of 12; viewing battle rap leagues such as URL, King Of The Dot and Don't Flop to form his rhyme patterns and punchlines, along with a foundation for his boisterous delivery. The young emcee partook in battles at school in the cafeteria while scribbling short schemes in his notepad during class lectures. Eventually, Dre started to take his craft a bit more seriously, joining a rookie hip-hop collective by the name of Internet Strangers - an international squad consisting of rappers, singers/vocalists, and graphic designers. Their primary means of communication were through online services such as Discord and Google Drive, (hence the group's pseudonym) unless they met up in New York, Dre's hometown. Within time, Dre would outgrow this phase of his life and embark upon a solo career, in which he has created a considerable buzz with tracks like Not A Hobby, The Mortality, and Brady."