Electrancy - 'Secret Visual Art Technology (S-VAT)'
Electrancy brings you a taste of the classic old school electronic rock. Its crispy tone stresses heavy distorting and crunchy instrumental. Keeping the core rhythm consistent like a blazing fire, the track goes through various phases of transition by prioritizing multiple sounds alternatively. In other words, the arrangement of this track is engaging and immersive. On top of the tight and thick drum beats, the dynamics of polyphonic sounds clearly define the melodic rendition and follow the chord progression precisely. Its thriving energy feels self-aware, avoiding being lost in too many frequencies.

A sense of improvisation comes from its tuneful electronic solo in the latter half, keeping this instrumental thoughtful and charming. The theme feels new and fresh with its constantly evolving shape and forms and still manages to show familiarity with its traditional composition and style. It's a creative work of art that shows a perfect balance between the music and the visuals through its official video.

Definitely listen to 'Secret Visual Art Technology (S-VAT)' by Electrancy on YouTube.

About Electrancy:

"I'm an amateur music composer from Huntsville, Alabama. I also dabble with graphic animation, and I code for a living. I initially became interested in music at a very young age, when I heard fantastic works written by John Williams and was very inspired by digital MIDI adaptations during the 32-bit era around the advent of ground-breaking musical technology, namely Adlib and Sound Blaster. My dad was an engineer, so I was mostly surrounded by physicists, math enthusiasts, and go-getters. I was also encouraged at a very young age to study the behaviour of the universe, and this always got me thinking "what if...?" As computers have gotten better and my programming skills have improved, I've been able to consider things a lot faster than before and I've never stopped."