Rockidle - 'Change'
Releasing on 25th May 2022, Rockidle brings you this delightfully composed and thoughtfully written song. Its bright and catchy melody ticks all the boxes of a soulful musical journey with a proficient performance. The song reflects upon the political fatigue and a possible dystopic future of the United Kingdom. The way it is written and smoothly arranged on a blend of a variety of instrumentals is intriguing and highly engaging. Crunchy guitars and emphatic drums are thunderous and consistently provide an impactful rhythmic and tonal balance. Already a punchy and thick track, it also has multicoloured vibrant dynamics that deliver a range of frequencies enfolding an immense depth of emotion.

Piano and strings have a special place that makes this song more harmonious adding an additional layer of warmth, and uplifting its meaning. As outstanding as the music is, the larger-than-life vocals take the energy of this song to the next level. The voice has a vitality which gets flawlessly highlighted through its style, harmonies and uniform energy. The firey and gritty energy encourages the force that will drive you to listen to this exceptional song. 'Change' possesses shades of multiple genres including effective elements from each of them especially holding a great influence from the Rock and Britpop genres.

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About Rockidle:

"Rockidle is songwriter/singer Derek Hagan.

Now living in Finland, Rockidle has worked on 4 collections of songs  "Sunny Side Up" with musician/producer Hill Briggs, "Belvedere Drive", with musician/producer Matt Cowley, “Relationships”, with singer/musician/producer Tania Sheratte and with Matt Cowley, Tania Sheratte, and Hazze Wazeen on the 4th collection of songs titled "Relationships 2 ", released digitally on the 17.12.21. 

Rockidles music has been reviewed in Hot Press Magazine (Ireland), NME, Logo Magazine, The South London Guardian (in the UK), Off the hook, Curious for Music, Indie X, Nordic Music Central music blogs in the UK, Excess Magazine (Germany), and Jamsphere, Soundlooks the music journal, Jukebox Time, Independent music news 24, Beachsloth and Bandcamp music blogs (USA).

Rockidle has started work on the 5th collection of songs.

“Songs are stories, they should have a start, middle, and end, have content and mean something. Like children, they (songs) are born with some chords on an acoustic guitar, lyrics, and an idea of how you want them to sound. Hopefully, some of them grow up, develop, flourish and leave home. The time has now come for these songs to sink or swim”.

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