Stray Tablet - 'My Song'
The phrase you can use to define this song is - beautifully eccentric, as it inclines toward do-it-yourself aesthetics, representing the love for music and willingness or enthusiasm to make it. Stray Tablet's 'My Song' has no frills and that's why it feels deeply intimate. The eight-line lyrics of this song give us an insight into the artist's search for self in this empty world - introspection. This song's lyrics challenge is that your lyrics don't have to be lengthy in order to make it meaningful or thoughtful. The phone line/radio style vocals are quite nostalgic to hear. It is different from the commercial chaos that we hear all around us, in fact, it depicts true indie vibe and creativity.

The melody is sweet and adorable with gentle instrumentals and rhythm. The flanged electric guitar has a lovely distortion along with bright sounding bass playing a catchy bassline. The chord progression is pleasant and harmonious and the rhythmic pattern is consistent. Strings and piano add more width and dynamics while also contributing to the emotive nature of the overall theme that this song is based upon. It's an anthem that harbours innocence from its natural performance and tells us of the journey of the artist's contemplation.

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The project that this song belongs to is called 'Jagged Edge' with Stray Tablet bringing his art form to life through it.

Jagged Edge by Stray Tablet