Svenson - 'Cycology'
Maximise your pleasure of cycling with 'Cycology' which includes a formula for strength, balance and coordination in the form of this Svenson's brilliant soundscape experience. This immersive album has instrumentals that will definitely give you a rush of adrenaline for sure!

Starting with 'Rock That Roadbike', you get the clear and strong message to get a firm grip on your bike and master that record time. Surrounded by the music that consists of electronic energy sustained by multiple dynamic sounds, enriching the spirit of every cycling enthusiast. Kühbauch plays a 1976 Ibanez Rocket Roll in this song. The freewheel sample is from his red Bianchi “Gold Race Team” racing bike.

'Blue Dragon' and 'Red Dragon' defines that challenging paths can be crossed with great determination. The mixing of electronic and orchestral elements combined with trap beats reveals the uniqueness of these compositions. Every audible frequency has a purpose to serve towards building an epic atmospheric impact. The effect of guitar riffs blending with strings alongside the choir is simply powerful. Kühbauch plays his well-tried Ibanez Destroyer 2 as a rhythm instrument, he coaxes the melodies out of his "Music Man Cutlass" with an Ebow.

Adding yet another track to the catchy and addictive list, you get the title track of this album - 'Cycology' which starts with a gentle melody and rhythm. It slowly evolves into a punchy and vibrant theme that intensifies the mood. The mindset of the artist is flawless when it comes to interpreting emotions through music. Emphasizing the bass, you get to hear the harmonic force of electric guitars that possesses the beauty of tonal distortion and subtle vibratos. This track quickly becomes the dominion over the challenges of cycling and defeats exhaustion from taking over your mind.

Keeping the pace, the bright and glowing soundtrack 'Tour de Theia' brings absolute confidence and makes you ready to face the finishing line with a strong will. A sense of self-realisation that leads to the awakening of the inner source of necessary stamina and vitality to face the climax of this journey. The track is particularly suitable for spinning and indoor cycling.

Ending with 'Mont Ventoux', the title itself is named after a mountain in France. The brass reinforces the courageous feeling and becomes the sound of bravery. The guitar riffs in this track perfectly support the tempo and tune simultaneously. The taste of great achievement as tall as Mont Ventoux comes from every element of this artwork. This cinematic piece is the emblem of victory or accomplishment for those who strived to the finish line.

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"With his album, "Cycology" Svenson addresses all cycling disciples with an epic. All songs have a direct reference to cycling - from the anthem "Rock That Road Bike" to the "Racing Dragon" songs "Blue Dragon" and "Red Dragon".

Sven Kühbauch aka Svenson is not only a passionate musician, he also loves racing bikes. The 45-year-old consequently dedicated his sixth studio album to his favourite sport and set the experiences he had on his road bike to music. "You can cycle through epic soundscapes with these songs in your head and on your lips - bikers imagine a peloton full of domestics chasing the runaway to the top of Mont Ventoux," enthuses the studied guitarist, who has a soft spot for vintage guitars and vintage racing bikes. “Yes, I like the old bikes and live by the motto 'only steel is real. But there is also a crucial difference between musicians and racing cyclists: Artists were born to suffer. The cyclist has imposed the suffering on himself.” Just a course correction for Kühbauch - the album makes the heart rate beat faster and brings every true road biker to the finish line."

About Svenson:

"Sven Kühbauch aka Svenson is a composer, guitarist and author. He is also a winner of the German Rock and Pop Prize and has worked with various artists such as Jennifer Batten (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson), Rhani Krija (Sting, Al Di Meola) and Alexander Veljanov (Deine Lakaien)."

"When he's not working on new songs in his studio, he likes to ride his racing bike. The cycling enthusiast has a soft spot for vintage racing bikes and is a member of the Tour d'Allée cycling club. In his book "Racing Bikes on Rügen", Kühbauch reveals his favourite tours on Germany's largest island."