Rebecca Davis (DawgGoneDavis)
This is a collection of artwork that will take you back in time with its classic music blended with unorthodox melodic energy. The unrestricted presentation of style brings conversational writing focused more on communicating with the listeners. Instrumentals are mostly crafted as a supportive stream to push the meaningful lyrics. The overall production has a vintage or retro touch to it. The guitar has its fixed and powerful placement in all the tracks while accompanied by experimental jazz and synth instruments.

Variable compositions will make you realise that these songs are individually very expressive, they are not bound to any out-worldly rule, but are extremely grounded in the sense of creativity. The ingredients are just perfect enough to ensure a great time while listening to these songs. The main aspects of rap-rock genres dominate throughout this album's journey. 'Raybans in the Rain' has its own distinct brand value.

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About Rebecca Davis (DawgGoneDavis):

"Three years after she gathered her first nine singles on the debut compilation Hot Dawgest Night (whose title was a wink to the classic Diamond live album), the adventurous, ever-evolving artist REBECCA DAWGGONE DAVIS has released Raybans in the Rain, a fresh collection of her last 11 smash hits. While giving longtime fans a chance to revisit her fascinating growth as a poetic storyteller and rapper, it’s also an incredible opportunity for newcomers to enjoy a feast for their ears. 

Initially branding herself as DawgGoneDavis, Kansas City area songwriter, rapper and Indie recording artist Rebecca L. Davis came out of nowhere in early 2018 and hit the global Indie music charts with her hilarious autobiographical breakthrough smash “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style,” which reached #1 on the influential Euro Indie Music chart and the top spot in Asia and South America. 

Considering the hipster novelty of the track, DGD could easily have become a one hit wonder. Yet with an ever-expanding base of global and US fans from 16 to 80+ hinging on her every rhyme, clever twist of phrase and namechecking of classic rockers (from Neil Diamond and Tom Petty to Motley 
Crue and Burton Cummings), Rebecca DGD has been an enduring phenomenon, with 20 hit international singles and counting. Her breakthrough success over the past four years has proven one thing – rap and hip-hop ain’t just for kids and hipsters anymore.

Five of the tracks on Raybans in the Rain celebrate her dynamic collaborations with longtime Snoop Dogg producer Chago G. Williams, whom she calls “one of the great hook masters of the world” whose rousing, rocking, provocative and intensely intuitive choruses have helped take Rebecca’s creative game to fresh, transcendent levels. Their latest, “Appreciation,” recently hit #7 on the World Indie Music Chart, and just as importantly, is a terrestrial radio smash in Canada, whose listeners are dazzled by Rebecca’s tribute to their homies, legendary rocker Burton Cummings and The Guess Who. She also fondly name checks The Who on this song. This success is the latest in a DGD-Chago hitmaking streak that includes the hard-hitting, pandemic era cuts “Darkest Hour” (#5 on the Euro Indie Chart), “No More” (#11) and “Clean Slate” (#7) as well as “Raybans in the Rain,” the title cut of the new compilation and a festive celebration of summer, Rebecca’s favorite season.

Beyond the Chago cuts, the new album boasts another key DGD collaboration, her emotional mid-2021 tune “Boulders Weeping – Cry No More,” which hit #6 on the World Indie Music Chart and featured a powerful vocal hook by former Gap Band member and gospel/R&B artist Dorian P. Williams.

The collection also includes her lighthearted yet poignant perennial Christmas hit “Here Comes Santa Dawg” (which hit the Top 5 on the World Indie Music Chart three holiday seasons in a row!) and a sublime revisit of “Butt On Fiya”, her 2018 single (#3 on the Euro Indie Music Chart), which, true to the autobiographical whimsy she brings to so many of her songs, found her mocking the breast cancer she beat and compensating for her removed mammaries with a genetically blessed rear end. The other tracks on Raybans in the Rain are her socially conscious, prayer like “Weight of the World,” a call to “Judge Not, Rap Yes” and one of her most playful, rockin songs ever, “Checkered Future.” 
From the very beginning, the foundation of the DGD sound has been her ongoing creative relationship with the dynamic Euro connection she considers her massive music weapons – German Producer, saxophonist, flutist Hellmut Wolf and explosive electric guitarist Romain Duchein. On some of her early hits, their overall sound design included the intense grooves of drummer Jack T. Perry. While Wolf has always showcased his formidable sax skills on previous Rebecca DGD tracks, “Appreciation” allows him to shine on his Ian Anderson influenced flute playing with fills and a powerhouse solo that reflects Burton Cummings’ prowess on the instrument."

“I feel so happy and blessed to have connected and worked with such talented musicians whom I never would have crossed paths with had I never taken a big leap to become an artist,” Rebecca says. “Working with Hellmut, Chago and Dorian, among others has completely changed my mindset as to the kind of tracks I want to create moving forward. No soft love songs for me, but a big, bold sound driven by “rap and roll” and “rock & roll.”  I still write and rap the way I have always done, telling the stories in my life – and in fact, my upcoming song, which will feature Earth, Wind & Fire keyboardist Billy B. Young, is about my growing up in a small town and getting into very mild trouble. I love the way working with artists on this level has helped me develop my writing and performing, and my vision of what I can be as an artist. People look at me  and say, “how did she get to work with such huge talents? How did you make that happen?” “For me, it’s more that they hear and understand what I’m trying to do (and give to the planet) while we are all singing & dancing.”