Starting with calming and melodic voice of Lauran Beluzo, the song pours its smooth jazz magic with its comfortable and resounding music. The warm and saturated resonance is uncovered by the playful nature of the instruments setting the mood flawlessly. The tuneful composition along with simple and attractive lyricism creates a pleasing, euphonious and soulful vibe that holds an abundance of love and affection in its context. Piano and guitar blend together in a unified form setting the dynamics and pacing gently with the rhythm. The guitar riffs and licks performed by Robert Lee are fantastic and go hand in hand with the theme.

A subtle layer of rhodes, bass and vocal harmonies support and ignite the energy, adding more depth and clarity to the feelings that are portrayed in this song.

Definitely listen to 'I’ll Be The One' by Le Sonic feat. Robert Lee and Lauran Beluzo. Available on multiple streaming platforms.

"(New York, NY) - Mike Rogers and longtime production partner, Gary Lefkowith are collectively known as Le Sonic. Le Sonic reached the pinnacle of success when their first single, "Any Moment" hit No. 1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart!

Le Sonic’s follow-up release, 'I’ll Be The One', again features legendary guitarist from the Mysterians, Robert Lee - who co-wrote their 60’s mega-hit “96 Tears.” Recent American Idol contestant Lauran Beluzo is on lead vocals. She is also a two-time winner of Amateur Night at the Apollo.

Mike and Gary are veteran producers and songwriters who’ve had extensive careers. Rogers co-produced Deee-Lite’s "Groove Is in the Heart," honoured as one of Rolling Stone Magazines Top 500 Songs. Lefkowith is a recent finalist in the USA Songwriting Contest, and as a radio promoter has secured airplay for a wide range of artists – everyone from Elvis to Adele.

Gary’s thoughts & inspiration:

“Le Sonic’s June 3, 2022 release of “I’ll Be The One” is a rewrite of my first record release in 1976. I wrote this as a jazzy attempt at doing a traditional standard like “Fly Me to The Moon '' or “Misty,” when I was at Berklee College of Music in the summer of ’74. When I found my way from Boston to NYC, I made the rounds of the Tin Pan Alley publishing houses to try and place this song and others. While pursuing that approach I ran into some local musicians who had made their name playing at the Peppermint Lounge alongside Joey Dee & the Starlighters. We put our heads together about going ahead with a real record sans publishing deal. With Disco being a new rage, it was easy to adapt to that genre because the tempo was right around 120 bpm and the bossa beat became 4 on the floor ala Barry White. Our release even preceded the Bee Gees success. The rest of the back story is for my book”.

He continued, “Going fast forward to 2020, I wanted to revisit the song now that Le Sonic was pursuing a Smooth Jazz direction. I felt the lyrics had always been incomplete so Jean Leote lent her talent to give the song a better focus and deeper meaning. Mike Rogers did his usual and brilliant melodic tweaks, to further shape the song and take it to a higher level. Now the original Jazz vision has been realized for me. “I’ll Be The One” is what I wanted a woman to sing to me. To really sell me on herself and put her emotions on the line for my benefit. It’s selfish of me to want that but it’s what I wished for and what my wife Lyn gave me. The flip side of the original 45 was “Kanas City Woman,” and was written for Lyn even though she had lived in Wichita. That song was a finalist in the 1977 American Song Festival”."

About Le Sonic

"Le Sonic, a production team built on a foundation of musical creativity and modern technology. Mike Rogers & Gary Lefkowith are both Producers, Songwriters and Artists. Le Sonic is the Duo's incarnation to present their creative vision.

Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers engineered and co-produced Deee-Lite’s Mega Hit "Groove is in the Heart.” The LP was voted album of the year by the New York Times. The list of Million sellers has continued, while working with Sinead O Connor, Graham Nash, Erasure, They Might be Giants, The Fat Boys, Arthur Baker, and Flood, In High School, Mike played the drums in the elite NYC jazz program Talent Unlimited, where he met jazz greats, Dizzy Gillespie, Wayne Shorter, Lenny White, Chick Correa, and Joanne Brackeen. He heard some of these Legends Jam in Joanne’s loft!

Gary Lefkowith
Gary Lefkowith brings a unique perspective to the creative process. With a day gig in Radio Promotion, one eye is on commercial potential and the other on maintaining an artistic vision. Gary has promoted Records by Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, Meghan Trainer, John Legend, P!NK, and Fleetwood Mac and is currently on retainer with Curb Records. He ran Chubby Checker’s record label and was instrumental in securing a deal with Sony / RED.  Gary was a quarter-finalist in the American Song Festival, which led to a publishing deal with TRO, known for handling Woody Guthrie’s music.

Lauran Beluzo

Lauran Beluzo is a two time winner of Amateur Night at the Apollo and was on American idol 3 years ago and was featured in the finals. Lauran is well known in her hometown of Springfield, MA and is essentially a local celebrity having been on TV and newspapers in the market. She has done several residencies at local Clubs and has always been in high demand for Weddings, Family Gatherings, and local events. In addition to performing, Lauran teaches Music and is adored by her young students. I really want everyone to see the video because her awesome presence is a shining light. My partner Mike Rogers Feels that Lauran is Judy Garland reincarnated and I see a lot of Billie Holiday in her.

Robert "Bobby" Lee Balderrama

Robert "Bobby" Lee Balderrama is well known for his lead guitar work in the Mysterians. He co-wrote their huge 60’s Hit, “96 Tears,” which went all the way to # 1 on The Billboard Hot 100 Chart and is on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of all time. Question Mark and the Mysterians are one of the earliest groups whose musical style is described as Punk Rock. Their music and imagery were highly influential on all the British and American Rockers of that genre, who followed in the 70s. Bobby’s solo career as The Robert Lee Revue is credited with two albums: For the Love of Smooth Jazz, in 2010, and the City of Smooth Jazz, in 2012. His 2014 single “Happy&GoLucky", was a Top 30 Hit on The Billboard / Mediabase Smooth Jazz Chart."