Michael M Jeni - 'C'est Moi'
Michael M Jeni is back with a melodic commercial vibe on a tight and spectacular Afropop which is the core highlight of this song. 'C'est Moi' establishes the classic and time-honoured afrobeat rhythm which at this point has become the artist's musical identity and personality. Michael with his influential vocals brings a wave of emotion that touches your heart. The music emphasises percussion rhythms and features elements that craft the ambience and surround you with its sentimental and meaningful aspects. The cosy voice has a quality that creates warm feelings while revealing a texture that beautifully portrays the flow and tone.

The catchy chorus gradually gets a build-up by the verses. The song can be defined as the cross-pollination of traditional African and modern pop music with a perfect balance. You can explore the melody standing strong on the consistent chord progression and mood that it triggers. The song involves you in it and quickly makes itself relatable. The wonderful melting ease of this song ensures its addictiveness. As engaging as it sounds, it also has an excellent mix with an atmospheric quality also created by modulation and time-based effects like wide reverb and phaser. Lyrically this song has a grip on both beats and thoughts. This one will go on loop in your mind for sure!

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About Michael M Jeni

"Independent AfroPop/AfroBeat artist and producer Michael M Jeni release his charismatic new single, “C’est Moi.” (It’s Me). This multi-talented Iowa artist has created a timeless and sultry ambience. Michael M Jeni is artistically versatile remaining the mastermind behind his creations on a creative and technical level."