Onzieb - 'Meet Me in the Middle'
Firstly, the track has some incredibly interesting and intriguing arrangements of various sounds that combine to form a soothing and calm track. With its electronic influence, this track has a very unique flavour boasting atmospheric and hypnotic qualities. The vocals bring all the elements together and deliver a smooth lyrical flow with equally fascinating energy. The music itself defines minimalism, consisting of remote frequencies that are smoothly mixed, adding a depth and immersive ambience perfectly supporting the mood of the song. The chorus is hard-hitting and well-placed between the evolving journey through the verses.

The wide bass tone has underlying chord progressions that emerge gently, and the flow of words performed by the artists is accurate and accentuates the emotional or sentimental aspect of this song. Its dynamics give a sense of relatability and pour a lot of feelings into your heart.

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About Onzieb

"Onzieb is a Music Producer based in New York City. Onzie has had the pleasure of providing music for multiple brands including Pizza Hut, Wagamamas, and Burger King.

One song in particular that Onzieb created takes us on an R&B filled kick-back titled "Meet Me In The Middle." This vibing sensation would eventually make its way onto the Hit U.S. TV Show "All American" (Season 4)!

Upon receiving the news that “Meet Me In The Middle” would be featured in the show, Onzieb was excited to know that many people who watch the show would have a chance to experience who Onzieb is, and the kind of melodic energy he brings to the table!

"All American" is currently available on Netflix, and is currently in the Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S.!"