Senses Reeling - 'At Least'
Easy to listen to and a beautifully simple, elegant tune that communicates with you with its emotional clarity. A retro touch to the music brings nostalgia along with the voice that mesmerises by its soothing quality and sentimental characteristics. The tune is addictive and quickly becomes an ear-worm and relatable. The melodic support of a clean guitar and violins in the beginning section builds up the core of this captivating composition with a very cleverly crafted bassline. Eventually, the subtle entry of the piano gently guides the tune and the rhythm. Putting all the dulcet musical elements together you get a mellifluous theme that delicately hugs the context behind the lyricism.

Throughout the song, as it evolves through various parts, the solo rhythmic sequence of beats becomes the transition that gradually carries you to the climax. It's a perfectly formed song to sing along.

Definitely listen to 'At Least' by Senses Reeling on Bandcamp.

Also, listen to their new EP on Bandcamp.

About Senses Reeling

"Eclectic UK indie project, Senses Reeling (Nick Fuller and Paul Midcalf) released a new 4-track EP, their first songs of 2022. It’s their ninth release over the last ten years. With themes ranging from familial love to society’s constant state of outrage, these are songs mixing the personal with chronicles of the time.  It’s available digitally to download and stream as well as physically as a Limited-Edition CD."