Thy Veils - 'Lina Luna'
'Lina Luna' feels like the sound of the cosmos. The never-ending stream of rich and melodic resonant frequencies that captivates your senses keeps thriving through the instrumentals. Prolonged and sustained ambient sounds have clarity and show commitment toward a highly immersive experience. The theme is spacious and has a larger-than-life impact through its huge textures. The mix is dense and focuses gradually on the performance of various articulations of transcendental vocals. The stunning textures have a warm and radiant tone that is flawlessly extended using immense echo or reverb effects. With such a dynamic original soundtrack, you also get a cosy and relaxing flow of multiple hypnotic synth pads blended with attractive vocals.

There are many ways in which this track can be explored and Thy Veils' thoughtfulness in this composition opens them to you. These mystic and otherworldly musical details are crafted with an emotional drive to it at its epicentre which swiftly pulls the listener to another dimension. The artist seeking the ultimate fusion of elements and showing passion through such an incredible, harmonious and tuneful track is noteworthy. It almost brings you to a meditative state of self-exploration. The perfection in technicality gives you a glimpse of the endless ways this song can be pursued and understood. The ability of this song to open the doors to many possibilities where every listener can find their own way to interpret it is truly magical.

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Thy Veils - 'Lina Luna' - Vocals by Maria Hojda
Thy Veils - 'Lina Luna' - Vocals by Maria Hojda

Thy Veils - 'Lina Luna' - Frontman Daniel Dorobantu
Thy Veils - 'Lina Luna' - Frontman Daniel Dorobantu

"Before their upcoming album "Next Forever," Thy Veils releases 'Lina Luna,' a beautifully constructed song akin to the band's recent releases. Hovering somewhere between ambient, experimental, and techno, the band's records are as elusive as they are absorbing.

Thy Veils has a way of making genre distinctions look meaningless, as they produce a cosmic atmosphere around Maria Hojda's ethereal vocals. The band has always found new ways of using sounds as elemental and subtle forms of communication, accommodating many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular. In a statement, the frontman Daniel Dorobantu said, "For 'Lina Luna,' as well as for the entire new album, most of the production research went towards building a harmonious and coherent sonic universe, where a lively density of sounds, rhythms, and musical ideas interact and weave a multidimensional tapestry of storytelling."

As you dive into 'Lina Luna,' you can practically taste salt in the watery sounds and explore certain feelings along its serene yet engaging trajectory. Evoking the endless universe and pure openness of the skies, 'Lina Luna' is a song that is easy to get lost within, offering the much-needed escape from ourselves. With 'Lina Luna,' the band introduces Maria Hojda's musical vision. Her voice takes center stage, but not in a way you might expect given her vocal background. Her signature is marked by the striking intimacy and distance, feeling like she's whispering in your ear while you are numb. 

Thy Veils approaches music with a different ear than most. Even more than before, Thy Veils finds a way to share a subtle tacticity to their ambient/electronic wizardries, allowing new shapes to be observed and universes to be opened with their mind-bending and dreamy soundscapes. 'Lina Luna' is accompanied by an incredible 4k video, which seems to impart the innate human desire to press pause on life's most impactful moments to take a peak."

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About Thy Veils

"It is a concept turned into style, a minimalist and complex meditation. Born out of the reality of the past millennium, nurtured by digital media expression and communication, Thy Veils’ art speaks through a dense vision about exploration, experimentation and the search within the sphere of the undefined, movement in the quantum. Thy Veils started out as a studio project in 1995, headed by Daniel Dorobantu, and soon it became a pioneering name in the Romanian ambient music scene. After 13 years of studio productions, in 2008 Daniel transforms Thy Veils into an ensemble of performing art. By 2021 Thy Veils had self-produced seven studio albums, four live recordings and numerous singles, a DVD with non-narrative video essays, video art for live performances and video installations, and music for film and contemporary dance. Thy Veils’ live events are immersive audio-visual shows, transporting the auditorium towards the worlds within and the unfathomable depths of empathic comprehension and contemplation."