Turquoise Tranquillity - 'The Devil's Willow'
What does a true underground indie band sound like? Well, 'Turquoise Tranquillity' is the answer here! The art in this album is represented through the combination of various imperfections that are created and blended to bring a unique sound. The general dynamics of this album are covered mainly by the ambience or atmospheric tones that add a creepy and bizarre vibe to it. This is exactly what makes this band different, the strange and twisted feeling you get after listening to some of the songs is what is expected and this album nails it!

Along with the eerie and spooky music, there are songs that do have a base melody and instrumentals placed behind the mist of experimental and challenging production quality. This creative and innovative way of literally converting distortions, complex noises and gritty tunes into a dark, mystic and ominous energy will absolutely hit your mind with utter hysteria, no joke! To have such an intense impact, the composers have done a great job of understanding the intricate mix that invokes an otherworldly feeling.

Drums and guitar along with the bass establish a familiar rhythm and music which can be understood and followed. The vocals portray the title of this album accurately through their purposefully ominous yet appealing style and performance, making the lyrics intentionally obscure to keep the unnerving sensation high. The music is ingenious when it comes to vocals, as you can hear many voices singing in chorus in multiple octaves and harmonies as well as solo sections, adding more and more depth but with a sentimental core at its centre.

Such a demonstration of art can be explained with an example of some abstract paintings that may seem to have random strokes and patches at first, but gradually one understands the deeper meaning hidden behind them with a closer look! 'The Devil's Willow' is conceptual, it's a masterpiece born out of unapologetic raw aesthetics, guaranteed to give you a distinctive, unique experience.

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About Turquoise Tranquillity

"Turquoise Tranquillity is a new, underground band that creates a dark, atmospheric, and heavy sound through bass, guitars, drums, and a unique voice. Inspired by bands such as Nirvana, The Microphones, and artists such as Daniel Johnston and Elliot Smith, Turquoise Tranquillity crafted a creepy-sounding concept album with cryptic lyrics, unique mixes and a one-of-a-kind style, all recorded on a cheap microphone in a bedroom."