Brutu Music ft. WWW & Lindoras - 'Mr. Dickerson'

Brutu music brings you this humorous composition that everyone can relate to. This song will remind you of that one friend you had, who borrowed your money and vanished with no clues. The whole context is performed in a comical way without being too serious. The music fits perfectly for such a lighthearted theme and with amusing lyricism. You get the witty experience with the cool and stylized party beats and auto-tuned vocals. The electronic instrumentals accentuate the dynamic sound that the artist wants to deliver. The hook is a banger which simply becomes a catchy chorus in between the sick rap sections. The mix creates an enjoyable and addictive experience.

You can crazily dance to this as well as appreciate the rap skills performed throughout the course. Even the artists are having a great time crafting this artwork. The rhythm is consistent and impactful, and the tune is strangely attractive, quirky and will get stuck in your head for a long time! Overall, the production sounds pretty professional. See, music doesn't have to be extremely complicated and emotionally deep or sensitive all the time. It can be simple and entertaining with some clever ingredients just like this song has. So relax, turn up your speakers and enjoy this one crazy ride! By the way, make sure you keep an eye on such friends!

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About Brutu Music:

"Evi Sambo a.k.a Brutu Music is a Curaçao-born house music producer. Since 2000 he is based in The Netherlands. He is well known in the Dutch and Antillean underground dancehall and reggaeton scene under the name 320bf. With productions for the likes of PP2G, Immorales, Skinny Scotty, D.o.g. Team, Zed I and many more. For 3 years he shifted his focus away from the dancehall scene and went on to producing House music with a twist under the name Brutu Music. Combining forgotten genres, Caribbean and dancehall influences to create a heavy bass and Poly-Rhythmic driven sound released on British and Dutch labels."