Chris Sunfield - 'Anton'
A very captivating and elegant song that imbues you with peace through its priceless message. One can feel the emotional strength that lies under the power of forsaking everything to attain a dream. Such great lyricism also gives you an insight into Chris's life experience and perspective on life through his eyes. Musically, the song is gentle and progresses as the poetic words untie the bigger picture. It evolves from a piano to strings, drums, percussions and organ, eventually bringing all of them together with a brilliant arrangement. Vocals sound natural holding their depth till the end, putting sentiment above style. This song is simply one of the most graceful forms of storytelling at its finest.

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About Chris Sunfield:

"Anton is perhaps the first pop song written about the classical composer Anton Bruckner. The music came to Sunfield in a dream at 4am in the dead of winter on the third day of a migraine headache. Half-falling out of bed, and delirious from pain and sleep deprivation, he dragged himself to the keyboard in the dark to get the music down. The song is very personal for Sunfield, as his life parallels Bruckner's in some ways – an older guy trying to break into the music scene late in life, but also realizing that achievement is often gained at the expense of intimacy. Anton was the first song that Sunfield scored for piano and string quartet. The music also came to him in the dream in D flat major, a key that he had never used before. It wasn’t until after Anton was recorded that he realized that his favourite Bruckner piece was in the same key."

Filled with baroque and symphonic pop stylings, “Far Away Objects” is an existential and cosmological journey and a clarion call to listeners to live authentically and realize their full potential before it’s too late.

With nearly 50,000 plays on Spotify for his debut singles “Don’t Kill Me” and “Predator”, standout songwriter/vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Sunfield is well on the way to becoming a household name. 

Chris Sunfield is a new artist, but not so new. He quietly wrote songs for decades while doing something else for a living. A period of adversity changed everything. It forced him to focus on music as a coping method and led to his unexpected re-invention as a recording artist. Chris writes all lyrics, music, and arrangements for other instruments. He sings vocals, plays all guitars, and sometimes plays bass and keyboards.

Chris recorded his first songs in high school. He was accepted into a university music program despite not knowing how to read music. He struggled and soon switched majors, eventually receiving a PhD in psychology and ending up as a consultant.

Years passed. He was comfortable but regretful. Hundreds of half-written songs languished on fading scraps of paper and deteriorating tapes. If he had died suddenly, that big box of music would have ended up in a landfill. Then came a perfect storm. Close friends died. Career missteps. A move to a remote area isolated him from friends. And finally, an accident hospitalised him. It felt like rock bottom. He was a behavioural scientist facing his own dark night of the soul.

Still, on crutches, he dug out all of his music gear and wrote his first completed song in years as a way of coping. It re-awakened him as an artist. He sold his house, moved back to the city, and began working with producers. Eventually, the singles The Little Things, Predator, and Don’t Kill Me were released." Now, the story continues.