Evin Gibson - 'Come Back Around'

Perfection blooms through this song, in every way. Unrelentless, it conquers your mind and sets up camp there. The traditional RnB flow and other musical elements sparkle away beneath the vocals. Clean glittering guitars and juicy warm bass build up the melodic interpretation of this song's theme with a mild injection of organ and piano, blending flawlessly. The vocal harmonies are spacious, crispy and airy and hold a mesmerising power. Right from the start, the hypnotic voice of Evin Gibson becomes addictive and unforgettable, making you sing along. The beat has a strong kick and smooth pacing that hypes the rhythmic vibrations with a super-engaging vibe. Feelings expressed through such a tuneful composition and lyricism are delivered directly to you with exquisite production and performance.

Definitely listen to 'Come Back Around' by Evin Gibson on YouTube.

About Evin Gibson:

"Evin Gibson is an award-winning singer, songwriter, model, and actor with an energetic and mellow vibe. With a smooth vocal style, he fuses Pop with R&B and soul. Hailing from the Carolinas, Evin began his career singing with his sisters in a gospel group. He went on to win several talent shows by performing original music. He would later work with many noted artists throughout the years and has toured the world performing original and classic gems. He has sold thousands of underground copies of his music as well as had it on radio stations. Now with SANS Entertainment, he will release a debut album on the label this fall. He looks to bring meaningful and timeless songs about love and life."