Hoodie Rob - 'No Stress' & 'Perky In My Fiji'

'No Stress' leaves no space for higher expectations as it already surpasses your feeling of anticipation. The soothing melody emerges from the corners of the reverberating spaces setting up the chord progression of this song. Rhythm gets into the light with a heavy kick and standard snare and hi-hats that strongly binds up the beat. Filled with emotional aspects, you can feel every word and every note consistently hard-hitting. The switch of the pitch will have a separate fanbase. From the bottom of Hoodie's heart, he wishes to bring the power to oppose the norms of society by living life on his own terms, avoiding the safe game and having freedom and flexibility to do what matters most to him.

Absolutely relatable to many of you! 'Perky In My Fiji' featuring Roman6ixV3 continues the ambience and thoughtfulness created by 'No Stress' but with a carefree vibe. The collab brings a unique interpretation of their sounds that blends to form a fascinating performance of vocals and music.

Definitely listen to the dual single 'No Stress'

and 'Perky In My Fiji' by Hoodie Rob.

About Hoodie Rob

"The New York-bred artist seeks to leave an everlasting impact on his audience, as his music evokes raw emotions. Through every release, Hoodie Rob Uzumaki seeks to connect with listeners on a personal level that will help them connect to his music. Inspired by his life experiences, Hoodie Rob is creating his artistic lane as his sound crosses the genre divide to create a unique, distinctive emo-rap sound that differentiates him from many in the scene. Garnering over a million streams in the last year, Hoodie Rob Uzumaki is set to leave his footprint on the scene.

Hoodie Rob - 'No Stress', 'Perky In My Fiji'

After exploding on the scene with “Misa Misa”, garnering almost a million and a half streams on Spotify, and then cementing his place along the alternative emo-rap timeline on follow-ups “Ain’t the Same”, “What Do You Mean” and “Teardrops (2010)”, gifted NYC based indie artist Hoodie Rob presents “No Stress” and “Perky in My Fiji”, a double shot of good times.

“Chaos and nostalgia. Listening to "No Stress" is like having a devil on each shoulder while trying to navigate the most lawless rave you've ever been to. The song represents losing all control and entering a world where you're guided by your vices with no rules or restrictions. As we get older, we’re told more and more things to fit into society. What if I don’t want to? What if I want to be a chaotic trainwreck for my whole life? Chaos does often come with an apocalyptic sense of excitement. I made this song because people wouldn’t stop telling me what to do with my life, and this was my protest. If I want to go out for the entire week, I’m gonna do that. If I want to do it, I’m gonna do it”

The production from Miroow matches the vocal energy perfectly, giving the song a sense of nostalgia and a peek into the unknown at the same time. The synth gives the song a raw, ominous feeling, and invokes the listener to tap into their own unfiltered emotions, specifically the urges that we're conditioned to ignore, and the personas we've been told to subdue. 

Perky in my Fiji (feat. Roman6ixV3) is like leaving the same rave to cruise down Hollywood Drive for a smoke before heading back in. Roman6ixV3 has evolved into an Atlanta cloud-rap superstar, and we found a perfect synergy between our sounds with this one. This song plays the same theme as No Stress with a lighthearted twist and is the perfect song to vibe to this summer, next summer, and definitely the next party. This is our first collaboration to be released after a couple years of working together.

With wide-ranging stylistic and musical influences, and a nod to his contemporaries like The Kid Laroi, 93feetofsmoke, Convolk and Anxiety Attacks, Hoodie Rob Uzumaki is the newest name in the music scene - poised to leave a lasting impact. Immersed in music from a young age, Hoodie Rob became fascinated with hip-hop and punk rock. Since then he has cultivated his talents to what they are today. The artist, producer, singer, and songwriter radiates a versatile style that encapsulates both of those genres."