Rule By Fear - 'No Good Deed (Long Time Dead)'

The true raw, rough and tough sound of rock music is brought to life by Rule By Fear. The stormy energy of this instrumental brings back the traditionally handcrafted composition with amplified guitars. The classic distorted tone with a definitive rhythmic pattern brings vitality to the track. Its speedy nature and vibrant frequencies portray the high intensity which plays a major role in building the ambience for you. Heavy kicks and snares will give you a head-banging experience with a robust touch. The performance of all instruments shows the true passion and dedication of the artist. The riff is rebellious and will remind you of old-school rock/metal music.

The track also evolves and proceeds into a guitar solo that adds even more melody and variation. The solo is smooth and travels through notes seamlessly, representing the freedom and display of the power of the genre. The start and the end of the song are both unique. It has an immaculate blend of various expressions like rage or victory which can be clearly subjective but can be accurately felt throughout the song. The production has a nostalgia, reminding you that there is no golden rule that defines such a virtuosic yet melodious musical piece. This instrumental is creative and enjoyable in its own way with its impressive style.

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About Rule By Fear:

"Rule By Fear is currently a solo studio project consisting of just founding member Danny Williams.
Influenced by 80's hard rock and metal, but also the movies of the same decade. Not looking for a polished produced studio sound Danny more authentic tones along with traditional recording techniques that give a much less filtered and old-school feeling to his music."