Hard Rubbish - 'Bin Night'
From the new EP 'Bin Night' comes the authentic and wonderful experience of a traditional and pristine country sound. 

For your lead into the EP, The Hard Rubbish duo brings you 'Up to no good'. Starting with a classic 'twangy' guitar tone balanced with vibrato and reverb the melodic core of this song is immediately revealed. As the rhythm hits, you truly comprehend the beauty of Hard Rubbish's retro style not just by production but also by performance. The balance of the kick and the bass marks the strength of the beat.

The simplicity and clarity of the EP's composition are exactly what makes it distinctive and lovely. Vocals and harmonies stand out from the music uplifting the energy that slowly grows and makes you want to sing along with it. The raw and natural tone has everything to enjoy and remember.

What's extraordinary about 'Bin Night' is that every song challenges modern, over polished and overprocessed music. Through songs like 'Ball and Chain' and 'Porto', the culture of such a rich genre is well explored. Carrying the emotional drive with easy-to-follow instrumental and vocals keeps you immersed in the customs of country and folk music. 'Not you' is also one of those songs you want on repeat mode. The bottleneck slide solo is outstanding and intense. 

One more thing about this EP journey is its heartful lyricism dedicated to providing depth of feeling.

Definitely listen to 'Up to no good' along with the rest of the EP on Spotify.

About Hard Rubbish:

Hard Rubbish
"Look no further than Sydney's newest darling duo Hard Rubbish for a barn stompin' good time full of hoedowns and hootenannies. Inspired by the country's greats of old, this duo's here to lament their modern-day troubles against a classic country soundtrack. They'll have you kickin' up your boots on the dancefloor one moment and crying into your moonshine the next. Fans of Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash & Tammy Wynette, will feel right at home with Hard Rubbish's blend of melodic nuance and upbeat swing."