A banging track takes you on a crazy ride of electronic music with fierce beats. Consistent throughout, the music has a hypnotic vibe and sounds that drag you to the dance floor. As creative as it is, the synths and various samples have their accurate place on the beat producing many variations. Good tech house tracks come with a highly awaited drop that this track absolutely crushes. The energy is at an all-time high with the addition of percussions such as hi-hats, cymbals, drum fills, massive kicks and powerful hooks building up to that all-important drop. Every layer has a clarity that allows you to hear this track in detail. It is groovy, it's catchy and it holds a challenging complexity; raising the heartbeat and metamorphoses into a fantastic experience.

Definitely listen to 'Lose Control' by Aizaz x Markus Martinez on Spotify.

About Aizaz:

"Aizaz is a tech house producer based in Los Angeles and Markus Martinez is based in Mexico. Joined hands for a collab on this tech house tune released at NoFace Records. We have both released on NoFace Records before and that is how we started working together. Aizaz's style is more classic house whereas Markus focuses on Contemporary Tech House and they decided to go with a fusion of modern and classic on this record."