Angelo Nicola Giuliano - 'The Light of Life'

This grand display of classiness expressed through the medium of the piano in such a classical way will bring you a flood of emotion. The portrayal of depth through variable motion or velocity and the pressure sensitivity of the keys induces a powerful magic in your mind. The balance of short and sustained notes is delightfully perfect and extensively melodic. This tune melts in your ears giving you the ultimate pleasure of the art of music from Angelo's perspective. The gentle and beautiful chords are arranged carefully and thoughtfully. As the soundtrack goes by, you can see the clarity in the thought process that went into constructing such a work of art. Absolutely mesmerizing.

Definitely listen to 'The Light of Life' by Angelo Nicola Giuliano.

Releasing on 2nd September 2022, you can pre-save this instrumental track on Spotify.

About Angelo Nicola Giuliano:

"Pianist and composer, after a prolonged teaching activity that prepared a generation of new musical talents, Angelo devoted himself to composition. His music, critically acclaimed, is a unique blend of contemporary and classical sounds. With his elegant touch, Angelo writes music to create emotions."